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Thread: Don't urinate here... Spot fine... SLAP!"

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    Q' lypse

    Default Don't urinate here... Spot fine... SLAP!"

    Enjoy.. This was written by my friend on her blog


    I came across a series of pictures which in essence provides readers who have never been to Ghana with an idea of who the average Ghana man is. Despite or social problems and issue, Ghanaians have this subtle humour. ? You know the type that causes you to laugh uncontrollably whilst at the same time shaking your head? Whether its humour from our chop bar or fufu sellers, our carpenters or our spiritualist, or an employee trying to state his point. How can you not laugh?

    Most Ghanaians have had basic primary education (JHS )but we should ask ourselves just how well are we teaching our future generation if our present day adults produce signs like this?

    Many of our business owners in the informal sector have had very little training, and education. It astounds me how some have become very successful in their business can you imagine how much more they could do if they had the right training and skills? In Ghana we say everybody is an MD, Ghanaians are all Managing Directors of their lives. We make do with what we have and make the best of it. We laugh at ourselves and move on with life. I love that!

    Below are a series of pictures Iíve compiled courtesy of a Facebook friend, Ian who has over the years collected these pictures. Enjoy!

    http://katenkansa.wordpress.com/2013/05 ... na-part-1/

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    Yeah well dis is one good thrraead for E.T. U know we all love E.T. The stohie the movie.....
    I came her to the Ghana Forum to offer my chance for qualified Ghana students to join the Jp. Governement sponsored scholarships for qualified students. Since 3 month I look for students, but I found: - ... ___ NO BO D Y.....
    Well... there is no chance to fill the vacant positions with some african junior undergraduates.
    Well... I JUst WONder is thee a CHANce that I can find HERE some willing GHA students who WANT to join my
    sponsored STUDY programme? I know the web is getting old and I also do.

    Well I continue to invite, perhaps one day one qualified student will come...

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