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Thread: Do Christians have a moral obligation to stop Islam?

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    Default Do Christians have a moral obligation to stop Islam?

    If a Christian has a personal relationship with the 'One True God', knows Jesus as Savior and Messiah and that the Bible is divine and inerrant, doesn't that Christian have a moral obligation to stop Islam? For example, would it not be a moral imperative for that Christian to take any necessary step to prevent a child from being indoctrinated as a Muslim? Would that not akin to standing by and watching as the child ingests poison?

    The same question also goes for Moslems. Don't you think Moslems have a moral obligation to stop Christians?

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    lol nice question .... but i dont think either has the obligation even though moslems(some of them) have take this obligation on ...... u see if a child ingest poison .... u do not need to tell the child that was poison ...... the child's own biology will give the child immediate feedback to inform the child's awareness of the ingestion of poison ....

    now the question is ..... is the child also capable of discerning wat is true for him/her??? ..... the answer is yes ..... now we should stop suppressing that ability in children
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    since non of these religions are not GOD (meaning creator), neither can make such judgement.
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