Delali Kumahor has been Leila Djansi’s trusted Personal Assistant for over a year and in that while has diligently handled Leila’s book keeping on her personal accounts anytime Leila is not in town.

After the production of Sinking Sands, Senanu Gbedawo kept sending Leila Djansi emails which centred on wanting to become an actor in one of her productions. She politely told him to wait until auditions come up and if he deserves a role, it will be given to him.

Senanu who was unsatisfied with the answer befriended Delali Kumahor who most people until today considered her as Leila’s younger sister. Senanu cunningly deceived Delali into his love web as a smart move on Senanus side to guarantee himself a movie by dating the PA of the celebrated filmmaker.

The young girl, awed by the fact that an actor like Senanu Gbedawo would fall for her this much requited his love. According to Leila Djansi, she noticed Senanu around a couple of times and warned her assistant of her fraternizing with the actor.

Leila Djansi further mentioned that she only noticed something fishy when she was ready to leave Ghana and her assistant who had taken permission to spend time with her grandfather stayed longer that the permitted time.

“Usually before I leave Ghana, I balance my personal accounts with her. For a week, this girl was gone and would not answer her phone. I don’t sign my cheques. She does that for me, she is a signatory to my personal accounts here based on trust. I have never had reasons to doubt her until this Senanu character came into the picture”, Leila said.

Leila continued by saying “The report that she forged checks is wrong. She has my power of attorney here in Ghana to draw from my personal accounts”. We gathered that, Senanu Gbedawo survives by living off sugar mummies and Delali wanting to be the only woman in his life had no choice than to steal her boss’s money for his upkeep. (Did I say she had no choice? She had the choice to let him go…).

It is also said that, Delali promised Senanu Gbedawo to finance a movie he intends to produce “Rumble Boy”. Leila did indeed make her assistant a partaker of her company by giving her shares in the company and all that attracted the greedy Senanu Gbedawo who sometimes threatened to dump Delali if she fails to provide certain things he needed. (The power of an Actor and a fine bobo, surely I will call Leila or Shirley and become an Actor too…).

When the movie Director realized her assistant was in hiding, she took the police and went in search for her. With the help of her Assistant’s friends (Judas kind of friends) and facebook chat, found her holed up in Monarch Hotel, East Legon busy having sex with Senanu Gbedawo. ( Who was on top of who? I wish I was told that…)

Leila Dzansi
The two were arrested but Leila had Senanu released since he was shooting a movie. She also facilitated his release because, he insisted on having limited knowledge of the theft.

Even in the police cells, the PA kept insisting the money “went missing”. It took the intervention of Mabel Germaine, Leila’s costume designer and Amanda Jissie, Leila’s manager to finally get a confession from the PA who stated that indeed she was using the money to finance Senanu’s flamboyant lifestyle and even gave him Leila’s SUV to move around with.

According to Delali, she is in love with Senanu deeply and was doing anything to keep him around. The most shocking part of the story is that, when Delali was in jail, Senanu sent his brother to the jail to get taxi fare of 300 from him. ( Wow, is the dude that broke?)

Even at such a crucial time, Senanu was till siphoning money from the PA. It was obvious that, although the young girl was madly in love with Senanu, he was only using her for money and to secure a movie role. On his current set, he was heard loudly boasting to his fellow actors how he is playing lead in Leila Djansi’s upcoming film “Ties that Bind” which will star certain Hollywood big shots.

Later on, armed with text messages on Delalis phone, the director traced Senanu to his movie set, halted the shoot and demanded the truth from Senanu who also confessed to being a partner to the thievery.

Based on his own confession, Senanu was subsequently arrested and later bailed by his cousin. The two have been released on bail and Leila is ready to go to court.

Leila concluded with this “I have always had issues with star and fame hungry people. They are nothing but bad news. I noticed it about Senanu and I warned my assistant about it. No matter how much I love my assistant, she needs a little discipline”

“A lesson in honesty and a lesson in you don’t make sacrifices for a man. That is stupid. That will teach the people who are standing in queue to take advantage of me to find their ways back home.”

“I am tired of my talent and resources being taken advantage of by greedy people who are hungry for fame and wealth. This will serve as an example to others. I do not hold any grudge against my assistant because she was deceived by someone she thought was in love with her and also she was stupid”