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Thread: Yvonne Nelson Returns To Set Despite 1-Year Ban

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    Default Yvonne Nelson Returns To Set Despite 1-Year Ban

    Barely 6 days after the official announcement of her one-year ban by the Film Regulatory Council of Ghana, Hi Newspaper has info that Yvonne Nelson's ban would be lifted in a matter of days.

    However, ban lifted or not, Yvonne Nelson has already confirmed her intention to play lead in a movie; her first since the news of the ban hit the media.

    Hi Newspaper has information that Yvonne is actually scheduled to film her scenes on location December 2 at Haatso West Land in Accra (Ghana). The Production head was unwilling to comment though Hi Newspaper can reveal the movie is under working titles “No Time for Tears” or “Yvonne's Tears”, and is a Candid Studios production. Kweku Owusu Adae is the Executive producer.

    According to production sources, Yvonne Nelson's services have been secured for another 10 days. In this movie, Hi gathers, Yvonne plays Sarah, wife of James Gardner (played by Prince Dave Osei). Also, the movie stars Frank Artus and Khareema Aguiar.

    If Yvonne decides to film her scenes before the ban is lifted, what would be the implications for the actress, we asked Mr. K. Ntiamoah, a Lawyer deft at Entertainment and social litigations, “I don't think there's such a thing in our law books as banning a citizen from her line of profession”. Hi will keep the rest of the legal luminary's reasons for later.

    When Socrate Safo, PRO of the Film Producers Association of Ghana was contacted for the latest on Yvonne Nelson's case, he said: “As it stands, she's still on ban. She came to meet us at Akosombo (Ghana) last Friday for her formal apology, but unfortunately that was late as most of the members of the FRC had left for Accra. We are yet to meet to decide if the ban would be lifted sooner or later. But I can confirm that she came in the company of other actors and industry people to offer her profound apology”.

    Hi Newspaper gathers that barely 2-hours after the ban was leaked to the media at the Akosombo meet, a team comprising Majid Michel, actor Prince Osei, Frank Rajah, Mr. Ato, Yvonne's manager, went to Akosombo where the industry big players were meeting on this and other matter.

    Hi Newspaper learned that when the team got to Akosombo, fellow actor Majid Michel got enraged at the decision and went emotional using harsh words at the decision makers. “Majid later realised his mistake and came back to apologize, which we accepted”, Safo said.

    Latest info available to Hi Newspaper reveals that the ceo of Venus Production Sallam Abdul Mumuni, who requested Yvonne's ban, over the weekend have been in touch with Yvonne via phone promising to have 'forgiven' her and even “apologizing” about the bad media she received in the past couple of days.

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    all this backsliding is why our film industry SUCKS, they are not even a united front and all too often they let the Gh tendency to "understand" get in the way.

    its interesting that the lawyer said no one can be stopped from practicing thier professions yet Gh did stop various presidents of the past from practicing thier presidents didn't they? when founder and ceo of Cal Bank was fighting to keep his bank which was swooped from under him by the board of directors, ain't that preventing someone from practicing their profession.
    it is not always that the law is applied

    I just hope the PRO starts the fines once the release of this film goes on cause if they don't it will be rendered powerless in the eyes of fans/its members

    all go to the same place ;all come from dust and to the dust all return. who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?
    ecclesiastes 3:20-21 :-x

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    There is something about this girl that really irks me.
    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~Aesop

    Ignorance can be educated,drunkenness sobered,craziness medicated but there is no cure for STUPIDITY

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