Rising actress Esther Osei has a simple, straightforward advice for her colleagues desiring in the immediate future to clinch a call-up in Hollywood Lets stop acting as jokers and respect our own language!

According to the pretty, light-skinned actress, the derision with which some of her colleagues, particularly those who frequently feature in English and Nigerian films, literally spit on local productions done in Twi is becoming unbecoming.

Thus, the Tema-based is optimistic that by paying unwavering attention to our own, the Hollywoods and the other big industries can then begin to take us serious, she told Spectator Agoro on Thursday, adding that with the way we are behaving now, they only see us as jokers.

Esther, arguably a talented actress, given the professionalism she showed in such films as Temptation, Sika Wura, Onyame Asore Fie, Trinity, Last Virgin, Hot Fork and I Sing of a Well, however implored the media to take up the mantle and give equal attention to Twi movies.

It seems media practitioners dont pay attention to Twi movie-makers, but to tell you the truth they are even more popular because people buy and watch Twi movies more than the English ones, she said.

Touching on how she is able to combine acting with running her own boutique in Tema, Esther was full of praise for the support she enjoys from her husband

Though he initially did not like the idea about acting, hes become understanding and supportive of my new career, he said, teasing, however, that he frequents my set anytime I'll be shooting scenes involving romance and kisses. Spectator Agoro wishes her a fulfilling career.