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Thread: Panorama Shocks FIFA with More Allegations

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    Default Panorama Shocks FIFA with More Allegations

    BBC’s Panorama program was broadcast this evening in England and as expected, it contained a series of embarassing revelations.

    Reporter Andrew Jennings obtained a list of secret payments to officials between 1989-99 including three who actually have a vote on Thursday.

    Jennings obtained a secret document with details, he claimed, of 175 secret payments totalling $100m worth of alleged bribes to a handful of FIFA bosses.
    Swiss Member of Parliament Roland Rino Buchel was once an account director at International Sport and Leisure, a consortium that won the rights to sub-contract many bids to do work for FIFA.

    He was interviewed and shown the list and seemed to confirm the authenticity of the list.
    He called for an ‘external, international and independent’ investigation into FIFA.

    After ISL went bust in 2001, there was a trial in Switzerland but astonishingly, kickbacks (Schmiergeld in German) were not illegal in Switzerland at the time. So although FIFA and ISL were exonerated, Jennings said they were not on trial for kickbacks. ISL’s bankruptcy triggered one of Switzerland’s biggest fraud trials.

    Controversially, Jennings accused three officials directly and by name of receiving bribes, Nicolas Leoz from Paraguay in South America, Issa Hayatou (Cameroon) and Brazilian Ricardo Teixeira. Payments appear to be made through secretive companies using the banking laws of the tiny Duchy of Liechtenstein. Two of them, Sicuretta with 36 payments and Sanud with 21 totaling $9.5m were named.

    The accusations reached North America too. Jack Warner is head of the Caribbean Football Federation and was accused of selling tickets to the 2006 World Cup and being subsequently forced to pay $1m to charity as compensation for the profiteering. The camera focused on an official-looking document which appeared to confirm this.

    Former Conservative cabinet minister David Mellor, who chaired the Football Task Force, questioned the wisdom of England continuing to play by these rules.

    “I can’t help feeling it would be a better role for England to actually be insisting on the reform of Fifa, making Fifa transparent, making Fifa accountable instead of kowtowing to Fifa in order to get the World Cup finals,” he said.
    FIFA told The Associated Press it had no immediate comment on the reports. They may be the only ones.
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    Very damaging for an international body. Serious reforms needed.

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    the entire FIFA organization reeks of corruption.

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