The Chief Executive Officer of King Faisal Football Club, Vincent Sowah Odotei has called on government to institute an inquiry into the 50,000 dollar Media Relations budget, which the Ghana Football Association (GFA) is purported to have used for media relations during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Mr Odotei said the need for inquiry has been necessitated by the mass denial by the Ghanaian media personnel who covered the tournament that the Black Stars exited at the quarter finals via penalties.

The provision of the said budget came to light a few weeks ago when the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ms Akua Sena Dansua presented to Parliament a supposed expenditure of Ghana at the global gathering.

Mr Odotei told GNA Sports, "This is government's money and now that it is clear that the GFA took the money, the government must ensure it is accounted for, especially when the media insists nothing like that reflected in their work".

The CEO said the inquiry was eminent because the issue bothers on credibility and accountability, which must interest government.

He tasked the GFA to come clear on the issue by telling the whole world how the money was used in the face of the mass media denials. "The question of who received the money does not matter, but how the money was spent on the purpose for which it was meant for. Claims that the issue was before the Auditor General, hence there was no need for comment from the GFA is invalid, because no one is alleging fraud but accountability".

Mr Odotei said the Auditor-General is interested in detection of fraud, illegalities and bad accounting practices but the media relations issue bothers on how the money was used for the intended purpose. "This issue of Auditor-General is like throwing dust into the eyes of the public, we need to know how the money was spent in South Africa".

Reacting to suggestions by the outgoing General Secretary of the GFA, Kofi Nsiah that the money will not be touched even if it had not been used, Sowah Odotei said, "then we must all ensure that it is returned to government coffers with immediate effect".

Mr Odotei said there is also the need for the public to launch an intense pressure on the GFA to come out clear on the issue, because the public has an important role to play in ensuring accountability at the football controlling body. "The media, a key player in this saga must also join the crusade in demanding for true accountability from the GFA."

Source: GNA