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Thread: Corporal Punishment: Would You Approve Its Use.

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    Default Corporal Punishment: Would You Approve Its Use.

    The last time I was given some "lashes" was about 15 years ago in the secondary. The headmaster of our school caught me in the company of some seniors in town on a Saturday without authorization. To be honest it was the last time I left school for town without permission from the housemaster.

    Modern parenting methods exclude whipping kids for inappropriate behavior but since the beginning of time, corporal punishment has helped in providing a rapid reduction of inappropriate behavior, and also deterring similar behavior in peers. Corporal punishment may also be favored because it is quick, easily available, and apparently effective.

    My question is would you approve corporal punishment for your kids?

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    BBoy T


    Corporal punishment should be encouraged. Beat your kids when they prove stubborn. They wont die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBoy T View Post
    Corporal punishment should be encouraged. Beat your kids when they prove stubborn. They wont die.
    You got that right bro. Spare the rod and spoil the child

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    Had those kids who murdered the students at Columbine been whipped by the parents those poor victims and the murderers could have been alive today. Beat the kids like my mum did me.

    1. She will first reason with me about whatever i did wrong
    2. She will ask me whether beating me was justified
    3.She will then get down with the paddling
    4.Next morning i will go and apologize to her LOL hard ooooooo hmm

    When push came to shove, I was shipped to Ghana for 3 years where i did some serious time in boarding school. See, I turned out fine.
    Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. ~Aesop

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    Measured dosages of each is good, but a strong backhand always did the trick

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