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Thread: Jehovah's Witnesses: the only true religion?

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    Default Jehovah's Witnesses: the only true religion?

    I have come across so many religions but I think Jehovah's Witnesses stick to the bible. What do you guys think?

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    this idea of finding the true religion is dangerous in the sense that it sensitize one towards the destination of better, right and wrong rather than
    "ours is not a better way, ours is just another way" ....... with that taken care of ....... i used to be a jehovah witness between year 8 to 11 of this life ..... and it did resonate with me more than my pentecostal upbringing in the sense that it did not preach those u are a sinner, evil and the other negative baggage that some other christian dominations try to let its member carry which some aspects of me disagreed with ...... but is it the only true religion???? ...... that is an inapplicable question ........ it may serve some people to choose the jehovah witness path as it may do so for another, the islam path ........ so far as it is "serving" them .... it is the true path for them ....
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    Hm, quophi good points.

    The question is 'who is speaking'? True religion.

    But Informer's question is, sticking to the bible. Who sticks to it more?

    I will say Seventh Day Adentists
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