Before you read another word in this post,stop and check the number of words you can read in a minute.
The average speed is 250 words per minute.
Get a countdown clock and time yourself. I did this and my result depressed me.
The world's fastest reader Howard Berg claim to read 25,000 words in a minute. Some say he only skims and put the actual figure as much lower.
John F Kennedy is another speed reader. He could read 1,200 words per minute.
In 2005 Mind Sport Olympiad,Anne Jones of England won by reading 4,700 words per minute.
I don't know if this is exaggeration but British Philosopher John Stuart Mills said he could read faster than he cold turn pages.

NASA is studying the incredible brain of Kim Peek. Kim could read two pages at the same time with one eye each. He memorised 9,600 books.

It is almost common place for people who have memorised the Koran.
It is said Napoleon could read a book in an hour,which took his colleagues days to read.
T E Lawrence popularly known as Col Lawrence of Arabia is said to have read 50,000 books in 6 years at Oxford University.
Lawrence read 6-8 books in a day.
Another genius was the American writer Thomas Wolfe. He read 20,000 books during his stay at Harvard.This is like 5,000 books in a year.
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