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Thread: Should poor people be sterilised?

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    Default Should poor people be sterilised?

    Animal rescue organisation African Tails caused a stir on Facebook on Thursday when it posted that poor people should be sterilised so as not to have any more babies they can’t support.

    The Facebook post received mixed comments, with some slamming it, while others agreed.

    Susanne Mostert posted: “I absolutely agree on that point! It is beyond me how people can live in the most terrible circumstances and still see nothing wrong with bringing children into this world and into that environment.

    “Is it not the wish of any parent to have the best for their children? Do they think that is the best place for a little child to grow up in? I’m sorry, I just don’t think that it is right.”

    Richard Gregory said: “Are you people kidding? You think someone should give up the right to have children because they are poor? Only those with money can procreate? You realise you’re writing off most of the world’s population, right? This is classist elitism at its worst.”

    The organisation posted on its Facebook page that all people living in poor communities should be sterilised by social services.

    The comment was soon retracted by the organisation and a public apology was posted on its page. In its apology, the organisation stated that it did not intend hurting any one.

    Source: http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-afri...9#.UFxMMlEWeCk

    What do you think guys?
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    If one should consider the adverse poverty certain large families are saddled with,one will say YES, poor people should be sterilized after giving birth to one child. But who are we to determine how many kids poor people should or should not have ? Time changes and if one's destiny could change in a twinkle of an eye,then poor people should be left alone to pop as many kids as they can. After all there are the Angelina Jolies,Madonnas and many more ready to adopt these kids. It's a free world and there are bound to be inequalities and so long as there are rich people there are bound to be the poor and destitute in society.

    Should a law is passed today to sterilize the poor who knows what next.... Short people should be sterilized so not to have short kids,fat people should be sterilized... dwarfs should be sterilized.... blacks should be sterilized etc etc etc...

    The more the haves do to help the have nots the better for us all.
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