The Committee for Joint Action is demanding quick response to a petition it sent to President Mills calling for a probe into the acquisition of state lands by former government officials.

The pressure group is particularly worried about what it says are attempts by the Lands Commission to mislead the public on the issue.

The CJA has been engaged in a campaign against the reported acquisition of state lands by some former public office holders at what it says were ridiculously low prices.

The lands commission has reversed some of the land sales but said there were others that were properly acquired.

The CJA is however not satisfied and insists on a commission of enquiry to set the records straight.

A leading member of the CJA, Mr Kwesi Adu who has been at the forefront of the fight for the probe, said, “we are not forcing the president…we are [simply] pressing home our point that the president should do something.”

The pressure group is not happy the president has not responded to a petition they sent him on the matter.

“You will expect that a president or any institution that is written to at least will acknowledge receipt and say that 'this is my position or I am not do anything about it', [but] they have not responded,” he regretted.