Peacefmonline can confirm that some media men were attacked and maltreated at the grand premiere of Silverline Productions new movie 4Ever Young last Friday November 12, 2010 at the National Theater in Accra.

A female TV3 reporter was verbally assaulted by two gentlemen identified as the sons of the Executive producer of the movie, Hajia Hawa Meizongo a.k.a Hajia Meizongo of Silverline Productions. The gentlemen hurled abusive words at the reporter, describing her from hair to toe, calling her all sorts of names and saying she is not a lady.

When asked the TV3 reporter, known as Ewurabena why the gentlemen were being abusive towards her, she explained that, they seized her camera because the gentlemen claimed she had recorded excerpts of the unreleased movie whiles it was being screened. According to her, when she identified herself and demanded why the TV3 camera and DV tape had been seized, they immediately started insulting me from hair to my feet.

A producer from MultiTV was denied re-entry and had his steel digital camera seized and was roughly pulled out of the hall for allegedly recording the movie illegally, among other similar incidents on the same night.

After the media men had been harassed and disgraced in front of everyone, Alhaji Abdul Sallam C.E.O. of Venus Films, boss of A.A. Productions and Hajia responsible for inviting the pressmen, appeared on the scene and tried to calm nerves down.

Hajia Meizongo(right) and one of the gentlemen who attacked the pressmen
They apologized profusely to the media men. Abdul Sallam explained that the two young men at the centre of the incident who perpetrated that dastardly act were new guys in the industry and had no idea how things are done. The confiscated cameras were later returned to their owners.

However, Joseph Mashal Agyapong of MultiTV expressed his displeasure at the treatment meted out to him.

They invited us to cover the event and now the same people are attacking us. If this is what they will do when they invite us - then they shouldnt even bother themselves any longer because we will not come. This is very bad! Even if you show them your ID they dont seem to care, he lamented.

The movie premiere which was supposed to start at 6:30p.m eventually screened at about 8:50 p.m. Sound was perceptively bad and it took the organizers over 10 minutes to rectify the sound quality of the movie.

Most scenes in the movie were draggy, so much so that countless people were spotted dosing off while the movie was still being screened. Though the movie was shot at splendid locations, the colour Gold (Yellow) was over-used in the movie with regards to the costumes, set design and makeup. Even a bathroom in the movie had a yellow sink.

4ever Young tells the story of the uncontestable bond and expression of love shared between a mother (Ellen, played by Kalsum Sinare) and her daughter Latisha (Jackie Appiah) who were so renowned, elite, and wealthy. Ellens strong influence in society made her so powerful, but her daughters attitude and character was quite insidious and a mystery.

Their livelihood remained a hidden secret and several media houses persistently wanted answers to their secrets. To solicit an exclusive interview of the family only ends up in absolute futility.

Where all others had failed, Spark (John Dumelo) is tasked by his media outfit to defy the odds and infiltrate this strong fortress for an exclusive interview. His initial undercover efforts started yielding results until the inevitable happened.

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/