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Thread: hidden explosives!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default hidden explosives!!!!!!!!!!!

    A guy was in town and decided to visit a club one night.
    He was shaking his stuff and got hooked up to a beautiful
    lady.He said to her "hey beauty i have something explosive
    hidden in my underpants"
    Did he :

    1.Blow his chances.

    2.end up hooded for the next three days.

    3.wake up in Guantanamo?

    Answer pls.
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    ok.If the girl was drunk, the brother will definitely score for the night, if there was no alcohol he probably will end up with a slap equalling blowing his chances.

    What stuff was he shaking anyway ? I am curious..lol
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    If the lady caught his drift, however drunk, i am sure the dude would be laughing into her thong alley way..haha

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    looooool.. Guantanamo... or maybe a few nights detained since its rounding up ...

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    if the girl was thoughtful, she will send pay a years worth of an admission to pantang for the man ........ otherwise there will be a lot of screaming of bomb.... bomb ...... suicide bomber and well we all know that Guantanamo bay beckons and the duration of transporting will depend on the guy's nationality

    sacristo paaa LOL
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