I'm kinda concerned about the way and manner the NDC government has taken a sudden interest in the affairs of the GFA. First it was about the GFA's finances getting investigated by the Serious Fraud Office then the Ministry of Youth and Sports hanging on to the FIFA purse EARNED by the Black Stars, for their performance at the 2010 WC in South Africa which led to the cacophony in the corridors of the national teams over unpaid bonuses.

Then comes the supposed "suggestion" by the government of Ghana to the FA president, to step down in order for Abedi Pele to assume the position of the "SAVIOR" of Ghana soccer and the subsequent withdrawal of the letter suggesting such an incongruous notion perhaps after some sober reflection by the Minister for Youth and Sports who is nothing but the government's marionette.

The current FA may have their flaws and of course i personally am against some of their administrative practices however, they deserve some credit from the soccer loving populace,Atta Mills' government inclusive.

Do these numb nuts know the reason for the adage "if it ain't broken,don't fix it" ? With all the distractions emanating from the nonsense coming from the government, is Ghana soccer about to crumble under the pressure from the interference of the government, and who suffers the most ?