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Thread: Do the Terminally Ill Have a Right to Die?

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    Default Do the Terminally Ill Have a Right to Die?

    With names like Dr. Jack Kevorkian and Terri Schiavo making international headlines during the past few years, the complicated subject of euthanasia remains on everyone's mind. But when considering the plight of the terminally ill and their potential suffering, is "pulling the plug" a matter of dying with dignity or tragically playing God?

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    Default Physician Assisted Dying Should Not be a Crime

    Many opponents of allowing the terminally ill to end their lives consider doctor assisted dying a type of murder. This is based on the premise that since someone else assists the dying person in ending their life, it must be an illegal termination of human life. Yet, the state-sanctioned taking of life is allowed in a variety of instances: in cases of self-defense, for soldiers in war, for capital punishment, and for abortion.

    Yes, abortion. Iím a strong advocate of a womanís right to her reproductive choices, including the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. But Iím intellectually honest enough to acknowledge that while it may be a fundamental right to make reproductive choices, including abortion, it is still the taking of a life, sanctioned by the state, and performed by a doctor. If it is not a violation of the Hippocratic oath to ďdo no harmĒ for a doctor to administer an abortion, or to oversee a lethal injection to a death row convict, why is it so to aid in the ending of a terminally ill person's lifeóa person who has actually asked for this assistance?

    How hypocritical that the American Medical Association is strongly opposed to doctor-assisted dying for terminally ill patients (they even filed a brief opposing it with 9th Circuit Court of Appeals) based on the premise that a doctor canít save life while also having a dual role in ending it, but yet the organization with its strongly pro-abortion stance is encouraging just such a dual role.

    The bottom line is, not all human life has the same value all of the time. This is true on both a moral and legal level. This in no way means we should indiscriminately end life, whether of an unborn child or a person dying of a terminal illness. But sometimes the taking of a life is justified. Doctor assisted dying for a terminally ill person who requests such assistance is one of them.

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