The former communications director of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Arthur Kennedy says the call to make public the cause of the late President Mills’ death should be taken in the good interest of having a precedent that will guide future occurrences.

Government at a press conference in Accra on Friday indicated that the cause of the death of the late President is a private matter concerning only the family of the late President.

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But Dr. Kennedy says inasmuch the sensitivities of the family must be respected, the family must also be mindful that the late President was a public figure.

“Respectfully he belongs to the family but he also belongs to Ghana. I respect the family sensitivities but we should also look at what the law requires and what the nation requires and the value of such an inquiry for the future and how we care for future Presidents.

“I also think that enquiry might expose systemic defects in our health care system that can be improved to the benefit of all. This would mean that the President who was a teacher in life even in death would have taught us a significant lesson” Mr. Arthur Kennedy said.