He struggled to steady his heartbeat but just then the kakai glared at him with immense killing intent. Five arrow length steel needles erupted from its fingertips and flew towards him but seconds later , Asafo Captain Ntim swung his machetes to block its attack. However they tore through his machetes and continued their lethal path toward the boy!

Twumasi did not know whether it was the impact of the machetes that slowed them down or the force behind his swing, but somehow he managed to avoid a direct hit as their serrated edges scratched his knee, shoulder and right cheek before they struck a tree behind him.

Ntim did not have time to wonder why his machetes had broken upon impact with the needles as the kakai lunged at him with its afowatsen. He leapt back to avoid the blow whilst unsheating his own afowatsen. Their blades clashed several times with such force that sparks rained down on the forest floor.

The kakai easily pushed against Ntim and swung at him again and again. He fought back fiercely , returning blow after blow from his foe, but it kept forcing him backwards. It swung downwards at his head viciously, slashing his straw hat and striking steel as the asafo blocked the blow that would have struck his head.

It then drew out a serrated spear from its left shoulder blade and swung and spun it at Ntim as he nimbly dodged its serrated edges. He blocked its lethal spins, then swung at it with such force that the spear was knocked out of its grasp. It bent back to avoid a slash from Ntim , drew out two pitch black machetes from its elbows and attacked him from both sides.

Ntim did his best to block these dual attacks but then his afowatsen was knocked out of his grasp and his battledress was slashed all the way through to his chest with both machetes .Ntim fell to the ground with a dull thud. The kakai stood over the captain, its bloodstained machetes raised to deliver the killing blow but it leapt backwards as five arrows flew towards it.

Twumasi fired more arrows at the kakai which it dodged as it raced towards him. Ntim rolled to his left and picked up the fallen afowatsen before lunging at the kakai. The kakai noticed this and rolled to its left, avoiding Twumasi’s arrows and Ntim’s afowatsen. As it peeled away, it let off 10 needles, five of which hit Twumasi and the remainder got the silver-haired captain. The kakai’s eyes widened in shock as the duo continued their advance toward it. Both of them swung at the kakai with their weapons but it blocked them with its own weapons.

They both forced it back but it then began to counterattack, forcing both of them back as they struggled to block its quick strikes,before fighting back. They made a sudden lunge at it from both sides in a synchronized attack and slashed its left arm. A tiny pamo mark appeared on its left arm. It suddenly struck at the two asafo, wounding them in the shoulders.

As they leapt back, Twumasi wondered how long the two of them could take it on before their injuries began to slow them down.

In the west, a kakai clad in a mauve battledress sidestepped Naarkie’s arrows and blocked a dual machete strike from Vuvor from the side. Several asafo were strewn across the forest floor, steel needles piercing their sides and limbs glinted in the morning sun. It pushed Vuvor back next to a tree, caught two of Naarkie’s arrows between its teeth and a third in its fingertips.

‘Such slow attacks’ ,it mused before flinging the arrows at lightning speed into Naarkie’s right shoulder!’. Vuvor swung her dual afowanta (sword like machetes) at the kakai but it raised its left leg and stopped the swing with its clawed feet!