One bright and sunny day, the technical division of the 9th asafo company were hard at work, checking sensor readings linked to kakai paths and relaying messages between the various asafo companies on patrol. Their safohen(asafo captain), Ato, was perplexed. There hadn't been a single kakai attack in three days. Or rather, his company had failed to detect any kakai gates in that time.

'According to my theory, if the Spiral is weakening, the kakai attacks should be increasing but...this lull in activity disturbs me', he pondered.

'Vice captain Ofosu', he called.

'Yes, Safohen'

'Increase the output for sensor readings. We may be looking at the calm before the storm. Advice all companies to stay sharp and alert. We don't want...'

Suddenly, a loud ringing sound resonated throughout the room. Ofosu checked the sensors with the rest of the division. 'Four kakai gates just opened on the north, south, east and west points of the forest and...sir...I'm not sure how to say this..but..'

'Then, just say it'

'The gates that were opened were sealed by the captains last two weeks!'

'Impossible' Ato thought. 'Once a kakai gate is sealed, it cannot be opened again. That has been confirmed over and over again for over three years.' . 'Inform the asafo of this immediately, Ofosu. Tell them...'

'Sir, the reopening of the kakai gate seems to have created some interference in our communications! Also, one of the kakai seems to be heading this way...alone!

In the eastern part of the forest, a kakai in a blue battledress rushed toward the asafo that faced it. With astonishing speed and strength, it mercilessly slashed several asafo. Their broken ndar(machetes) and akofenas clattered noisily on the forest floor. An asafo lunged at it but the kakai's adar(machete) slashed through her weapons and at the end of the swing slashed her chest.

The asafo fell back but ten more asafo advanced in her place. They only saw a blur of blades before they too collapsed on the village floor next to their fallen comrade.

'This isn't right!', thought Twumasi as he watched the kakai slash several of his fellow asafo. 'One kakai came through the gate but its taken down a dozen asafo and we've not been able to slash it, not even once!'