There are so few musicians that come along whose appeal remains forever after many listening. When one comes along that you can still marvel at five years after hearing it for the first time you should be very grateful.

Then let ReeZon be the reason why be that answer to an album what will ‘wow’ you. "I am the ReeZon 2.0" is set to be released on December 19th at the Reggie Rockstone's Office pub.

"I am the ReeZon 2.0" is filled with hiplife and hip hop songs which also doubles as classic album to be enjoyed globally, he said to Ghana

On the 19th December its going to be a night with Rych Entertainment as ReeZon will use this opportunity to launch his company Rych Entertainment

In summary, ReeZon could be only be described with one word, and that word is ‘Music’. If you don't like his album after it’s launched in December in Ghana then there is something wrong with either you or your CD player.

Until then keep your eyes glued to Ghana for an exclusive preview of his new music video, “Rock Your Body” featuring Moe SBW and Toxic produced by Mobeatz and directed by Andre Mayon on 12th November.

Source: Nii Atokora Mensah

Sample ReeZon's single "Drinks On Me"