'I can't sleep,'confessed Badu to Aba as they stood outside. They were still soaking wet from the downpour, like everyone else and watched the hills from the windows of the shelter. The howls of wolves were mixed with loud growls.

'Something about sleeping in a place that used to hold sick-heads(the insane) doesn't seem quite right' he noted.

'At least its safe', said Aba 'and anyway this was a place for curing sick-heads, not locking them up'.

'Are you sure?' asked Akos, 'because I heard that the caretaker herself went insane and led them all to protest against treating them in the first place'.

'No, I heard that the caretaker was chased back to the village by the inmates but never got there because they all forgot what they were going to do in the middle of their journey and split up' said Antwiwaa.

'That sounds more plausible,said Pokuaa, 'but my captain told me that, after years of treatment, there was not enough space for the increasing number of patients so the caretaker appealed to War Queen Dufie who had a bigger one built for them that is used to this day'.

'Oh, so that's what happened ' said Aba after a long pause.

'Also this place has been used as the base for two rebel meetings, two ahintafour meetings and a storage site for gold dust' Pokuaa added.

There was an air of calm as the sun rose in the sky, its rays bathing Mampam prison in bright light. An outpost guard watched the surroundings warily.

'Any more accidental discoveries, she sighed, 'and we may have to find a new Mampam Prison'.

'A warm fog slowly rose up from the trees, blocking her view of the forest floor.

'Foggy weather,that's unusual she thought. 'Just a few minutes ago, everything was bright and sunny'.

Suddenly, the 'fog' expanded, covering the prison. Before she could react, she felt something prick her neck. 'As she pulled out a dart, her vision began to blur and everything seemed out of focus. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was a stream of flaming arrows and spears flying through the air towards the prison!