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Thread: Meet The World's First Ethical Robot

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    Default Meet The World's First Ethical Robot

    Professor emerita Susan Anderson and her research partner, husband Michael Anderson of the University of Hartford, a University of Connecticut alumnus, at first seem to have little in common when it comes to their academic lives: she's a philosopher, he’s a computer scientist.

    But these two seemingly opposite fields have come together in the Andersons’ collaborative work, in which the team works in a new field of research, called machine ethics, that’s only about 10 years old.

    Using their expertise in different areas, the Andersons have recently accomplished something that’s never been done before: They’ve programmed a robot to behave ethically.
    “There are machines out there that are already doing things that have ethical import, such as automatic cash withdrawal machines, and many others in the development stages, such as cars that can drive themselves and eldercare robots,” says Susan, professor emerita of philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, who taught at UConn’s Stamford campus. “Don’t we want to make sure they behave ethically?”
    The field of machine ethics combines artificial intelligence techniques with ethical theory, a branch of philosophy, to determine how to program machines to behave in an ethical manner. But there is currently no agreement, says Susan, as to which ethical principles should be programmed into machines.
    In 1930, Scottish philosopher David Ross introduced a new approach to ethics, she says, called the prima facie duty approach, in which a person must balance many different obligations when deciding how to act in a moral way – obligations like being just, doing good, not causing harm, keeping one’s promises, and showing gratitude.

    However, this approach was never developed far enough to instruct people how to weigh these different obligations with a satisfactory decision principle: one that would instruct them on how to behave when several of the prima facie duties pull in different directions.

    READ FULL Article http://www.physorg.com/news/2010-11-...bot-video.html
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    Yea, very creepy. Regardless of how ethical they try to make these machines, eventually they are gonna take over because most of these robots extend their own code to boost functionality; some of which we have no clue of.

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    What comes to mind is Will Smith in I,Robot. next thing you know we're being colonized by these bots. Might sound like science fiction but a part of me feels it can happen in real life.

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