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Thread: Burglars go back to ask for receipts

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    Default Burglars go back to ask for receipts

    Three burglars were arrested in Brazil after they returned to a house and asked for the receipts for the goods they had stolen.

    The young thieves told the owners of the house in Belo Horizonte that they were struggling to sell the stereo, TV and mobile phones because they didn't have the original receipts.

    A police spokesman told Estado de Sao Paulo: "We have never seen anything so stupid.

    "It was obvious that when they rang the bell the owner of the house would call us straight away and they [would all be] arrested.

    "They are all underage and I think they were just really naive and thought they would get away with going back."

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    hhahahahahhaa OMG indeed there is really no stupid statements but stupid people. gyimie3 paa ni......aaahhh

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