In the begining there was only a tree.

The Tree of Life -

This old Oak Tree stood tall with branches like no other you can imagine. So broad and full of colors of variations that the human mind can not even comprehend. From one of the branches of this tree dripped a golden sap.

As this sap dripped to the ground it slowly dried and thus began to form a mound. Over time this mound took on the shape of a human being, with every detail represented in it's form. Every organ, every wisp of hair, every fold of skin, every tiny vein.

When the form of man was complete, a final drop of sap still hung from the branch of the mighty oak, glistening as none before had dared. It was filled with a glorious golden light, emitted from within; The Sap of Life.

John Doe -

The Sap of Life, the last drop of genesis, then fell upon the forehead of the human form and thus was born the Artist, John Doe.

John stepped forth into a bleak and colorless existence. He then took his paintbrush and began his work. John began to paint the world as he saw fit. He painted for 100 days. Every detail of existence. Every shadow, every mountain. Every river and it's fish, every field and it's mice. He painted the darkness and the light and painted every dream and every story so that his final creations would be inspired. Finally, he painted humanity.

When he had finished he swept the golden Sap of Life from his brow and let it fall upon the canvas. At this moment, the world was born.

Birth -

This all took place, only 1 billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second before YOU were born. All of the memories and experiences of those around you were created by John, so that you could learn and be inspired. Only the events that have occurred during your life are real.

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