The Planet Nibiru is considered to be a planet laying outside of Pluto's orbit in our solar system. The planet has an elliptical orbit and according to the scholar Zecharia Sitchin, is to have passed by the earth in 2003 and cause a certain destruction to Earth. While this predicted event never manifested, it is believed that Nibiru really does exist outside the scholarly field of Sitchin's work. This planet, sometimes referred to as Planet X, has been named Eris by NASA because it was first viewed in 2003 as moving in an orbit directly outside of Pluto. By 2005, the object was positively identified as a dwarf planet. While it is uncertain whether this is the planet that Sitchin claims to be a "missing" planet of our solar system, Eris orbits our sun at a distance of 10 billion miles away at the farthest part of its elliptical orbit and is part of the Kuiper belt.

But is this the planet Sitchin claims it is?