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Thread: Intellitar- The Way To Go ?

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    BBoy T

    Default Intellitar- The Way To Go ?

    Whiles watching my favorite TV show on Sunday mornings on CBS, one story caught my attention of which i want to share with you. The story was all based on the belief in life after death with DEATH and LEGACY being the focal point.

    What or how do you want to be remembered when you are long gone ?

    A new online entity, known as 'Virtual Eternity" has been created at Intellitar.com which summons up a video avatar you create from a still photo. This 'Intellitar' interacts with visitors eternally. It means anyone who is interested in your life story can catch up with your online spirit, advising and instructing friends, family - and even strangers - about what you have learned as you passed along this mortal coil.

    According to Forbes, the workings will be very easy to accomplish and will give the visitor the eerie feeling they are communicating with the dearly departed.

    I visited the site after the show and was welcomed to an eerie looking blinking avatar of the CEO. You could ask him any question- http://www.intellitar.com/Don.php . Don't worry, the site crashed after the airing of the show but it's up and running now. Be patient, it takes a while to load.

    By completing a profile questionnaire and uploading a digital photo, the intelligent avatar will be able to answer questions and seem to be engaging in conversation. The complexity will be determined by a visitor's familiarity with the subject personality. The public character will answer simple questions with basic info, while password protected information can be gained by the avatar's more intimate relations.

    Details are murky as to how the service will be funded. More than likely it will require an upfront payment, much like the cryogenics business model, but currently there are options to replace your own voice with a computer generated one for a flat fee of $100.00.

    So go check out Intellitar and create your own legacy which will live on into virtual eternity.
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    I have just checked it out and must say it looks weird and interesting at the same time. The alien smile and facial movement of the creator's avatar is spooky. This has Scientology written all over it - i wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a futuristic extortion scheme, lol, I guess we will know their true intentions when their business model is made clear. I will register in a bit to explore further.
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    Bro, this is so creepy. Scientology pet project for real. Looks like something Zenu the dictator of the Galactic Confederacy ordered. LOL
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