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    Do u wanna know how u can change the world? stop judging others...stop projecting ur ideals on others... if u believe in a "GOD" then believe in it...don't look down on or persecute others who donít. If u dnt believe in a ďGODĒ then donít, but donít persecute otherís that do. If u r Gay or str8 be it...dnt turn Ur nose up to those who r opposite of u... We can make the world a better place if we spend more time working on ourselves and less time worrying about what everyone else is or isnít doing. Also spend less time on, what everyone else thinks about u as well. We need to seriously practices mutual respect and support regardless of a personís ideals. Remember people, what another person eats dont make u sh*t, neither does what they eat make u sh*tô. Everything in life begins with UÖ.Happy Sunday Happy Hallows Day.!!!!

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    Interesting food for thought Chantyy...
    Enjoy ya day

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    thanks syc ..enjoy ur days also

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