Mourners at the funeral of a 'dead' Egyptian waiter were stunned when he woke up just before the burial.

Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi, 28, from Naga al-Simmanm, near Luxor was declared dead after suffering a heart attack at work.

As per Islamic tradition, his body had been washed and prepared for burial by relatives convinced he was deceased.

But a doctor found Mr al-Nubdi was still warm and when he checked his vital signs, found he was still breathing.

She revived him - and then his mother who had fainted at the news.

Relatives at the funeral turned the funeral into a party of celebration at Mr al-Nubdi's 'resurrection'.

Last month 95-year-old Chinese woman Li Xiufeng terrified neighbours by climbing out of her coffin six days after she 'died'.