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Thread: Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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    Default Should Prostitution Be Legal?

    If prostitution is indeed the world's oldest profession, then it might also be one of the world's oldest controversies. It combines xsex and money--two subjects guaranteed to create conflict. While some advocates insist that legalizing prostitution would reduce crime, they're met head on by others decrying the idea of bringing the xsex trade into the open. Should this age-old practice be decriminalized, after all?
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    You mean its not already legal????

    Imagine that....
    Guess it wouldnt be long now...anytime soon....

    But i guess the reason some people argue for such "institutions" to be legalized is so they can better be monitored and regulated. Similar in a way i guess to the legalization of drugs - cannabis and associates.
    But it seems from a moral point of view this would seem wrong. Well as the argument goes, the idea of criminal law (and perhaps even most civil wrongs) are based on the moral codes of society. So, as this is shun by society... so should the law.

    But then, not all of the societal morals are considered wrongs in the eyes of the law,.. it seems adultery would jump immediately to mind.
    However, given the way society has come to accept many of its previous "taboos" ... its only a matter of time before this one too finds enough voices to back it on some platform.
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    I wonder why the world's oldest profession has not been "legalised" a hypocritical world we live in huh LOL. Politicians pay top Dollar for the services of hookers,Dude Ranches are operating and registering 100% profits, yet when Shenene and Crystal turn tricks at the corner of Hunts Point, Police busts them and throw them behind bars.

    California is about to pass Prop.19 why not include Prostitution ? After all, it's all about making the economy fluid isn't it ?
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