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Thread: Are Homophobic people actually gay?

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    Default Are Homophobic people actually gay?

    New study finds that homophobic people may secretly be attracted to people of the same sex. Researchers in the U.S. and Germany showed pictures of gay and straight couples to 160 students as they completed timed tasks, then compared the students’ productivity to their views on homosexuality from a pre-task survey.

    The Daily Mail reported that “conscious and subconscious levels of homophobia were measured using words and images,” whatever that means.

    The study’s finding: People who grew up in non-gay-friendly households were more likely to hide their “true sexuality.” From which direction did the sun rise this morning?

    From: omgghana.com
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    "Homophobia" - a new term. According to their studies 95% of men are homophobic I suppose.

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