Ghana’s super group 4 x 4 is about to leave for Chicago to form part of the pan-African super group ONE8 as it prepares to record with an international mega-star.

ONE8 is made up of eight (8) superstars from across Africa. The all star group is to take the best in music from Africa onto the global stage connecting millions of fans through the universal language of music. The ONE8 group consists of 2Face Idibia (Nigeria) JK (Zambia), Amani (Kenya) Navio (Uganda), Alikiba (Tanzania), Fally Ipupa (DRC), Movaizhaleine (Gabon) and 4x4 (Ghana).

4 x 4 (Pronounced ‘four-ex-four’) is a hip-life trio mentored by hip-life duo Buk Bak (Bright and Rooney). Their debut album ‘Siklitele’ in 2003 was followed by a second album ‘Contestant Number 1’ in 2007. As role models to the youth in Ghana, 4 x 4 continue to contribute immensely to Ghana’s growing music industry. Their latest album, is a blend of hip-hop and hip-life interlaced with dancehall flavours. Their commitment to serving as inspiration to the youth as well as their pride and loyalty to their country (Ghana) will see 4x4 fit perfectly into the ONE8 group.

As all eight artists prepare to set off for the USA, fans will be connected with them around the clock through the ONE8 website (, and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube as well as live webcasts on location. Through various innovative techniques, the ONE8 project promises to offer millions of fans a music revolution as they will experience a more up-close relationship with their favourite African music icons.

The ONE8 project is creating Africa’s largest Super Group with artistes from 8 countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, DRC, Uganda and South Africa. ONE8 is taking centre stage on this project and working hand-in-hand with a Chicago based international megastar to harness great talents from Africa. The group will leave for Chicago, USA to record a hit song (hip-hop with strong African influence) together with an international artiste. This collaboration of African Artistes is the biggest and most significant step towards putting Africa’s entertainers under one music label to offer exceptional exposure and experience for African artistes on the international stage.

Source: Global Media Alliance

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