‘She avoided being hit directly by the arrow”impressive thought agyeiwaa ‘however the tip of the arrow till ot her’not enough to kill her but enough to keep her from reporting this’ Asamoah slowly rose to his feet. ‘I’ll have to get out of here, pokuaa thought calmly as she watched Asamoah approach her she swiftly shifted her feet on to Asamoah’ s machete and released them, one in Asamoah’s direction and the other in Frema’s direction. Agyeiwaa sidestepped the machete and paused to pick out an arrow.

In that time,she sped towards the exit. As Asamoah dodged the machete, it hurtled towards its true target the interior wall of the cell holding the sentries, there was a brief struggle as the sentries cut their bonds and rushed towards the exit forcing Asamoah and agyeiwaa to attempt to hold them off. Several convicts were called in to assist in this.
As she sped through the darkened path, she noticed the growing numbness spreading through her arm. ‘It’s fast acting but panicking will only make things worse. “If agyeiwaa has betrayed me, then base baako is already in disarray”, she mused as she moved through the forest, cold beads of sweat running down her face. She approached a brown hut partly hidden by several trees.’ Good, base mmienu is still fine, “she gasped as she reached its entrance. The guards on duty noticed her approaching form and call out, ‘halt, ‘’ then noticed who she was, vice captain pokuaa, “are you alright…, “No I’m not”, she cut in, inform the asafo that keepers of fate have obour prison, they are arming themselves for a strike against the village.

'At first' ,said Adisa to a large audience, each of you will attend three groups for a while but later several group will be formed and those who cant cope normally leave ”of course chipped in Antwiwaa’ some return to continue the programme but a few of them often leave permanently. this created a lot of murmuring with some promising to never quit “they are doing their best to dispel the tension by stating the basic of the osuani training””most of them think the emerency Is about their performance in the groups but concerning the attacks and Dede’s absence since last night it could be something more serious.
The murmuring were cut short by the sudden arrival of an abrewanana who said‘ the asafo, the royal guard, the abrewanana council and the elder council have decided that due to current circumstances it’s hazardous to continue the ouani proramme hence it has been temporarily suspended”. This created even more murmuring”. after a brief pause she said ’any inconvenience Is deeply regretted. The asafo are waiting outside to personally escort you to your home immediately” thus several group left for home accompanied by a small asafo detail across a bushy path. As they walked through the forest there was a sudden gasp of horror from the group when several flaming arrows flitted towards them. As they landed around them, the foliage around them began to burn aroun them and a deadly line of fire began to slowly form around them

Several metres, away, badu and a section of the asafo under acting asafo captain karikari rushed towards the burning forest path.”what is happening, wondered karikari, first two asafo units are completetly missing after investigating the obour prison, asafo captain dede can’t be reached and there is no word from captain asamoah and now this. Could we be under attack from a neighbouring village. As they got closer to the scene, several warriors burst through the surrounding bushescrashing into karkari’s unit. For a brief moment, karikari’s unit stood face to face with asamoah and the prison lady.after a brief pause, both units rushed towards each other. Asamoah’s matchete clashed with karikari’s and badu’s warstaff blocked the prison lady’s strikes from her twin matchetes.

Two kilometers away, from this battle, sumina gave ordersfor the first ten to continue firing on the osuani, the next ten to wait for his signal before firing in karikari’s position.” I have to coordinate these strikes well, he decided , “even though I would have been seized by the asafo eventually, the fact that aba defeated me that easily has lowered me in the prison lady’s eyes. This is the only way to gain their trust that I am still one of the deadliest members of the keepers of fate”. “oti, duku, “he called, “you and the orders are coming with me to torch the huts at the village square. Fire only on the ones I point out.” He said as they rushed towards the village square.

Elsewhere dede rushed to the obour prison with pokuaa in tow. they soon came across the two fallen asafo groups.”it’s worse than I imagined, thought dede, it seems the keepers of fate have already began their strike on the village.’Owusu,Appiah,treat the wounded. Captain dede, a young man among the fallen said weakly. It was terrible. Captain asamoah, he,..he’s also..’ ‘ I know, dede said gently,’save your strength”. Odame, kusi, check the prison for signs of surviving sentries or otherwise.”yes,captain, they replied before rushing up the hill into the main entrance.'How could they infiltrate the prison so easily' wondered pokuaa. ‘the daily checks of every personnel were supposed to prevent this from happening. “just how long had they planned to do this>she wondered. Captain dede, the two asafo yelled, the path to the sentries is blocked on all sides by bulders,there is no indication of whether they are dead or alive.in fact , the entire prison is in disarray.” They said as they reached her.

Suddenly,there was a loud boom in the distance as a large tree in flames fell to the ground ,spreading more flames to the bushes around it. As thick smoke arose from the distance, dede told five asafo to help those two to move the boulders.”the rest of you come with me, she said, breaking the grip of fear and indecision around them. As they rushed through the forest, spygirl suddenly fell to her knees, gasping for air.”the antidote dede gave me last night worked but my body is still too weak now”she realized. “keep going, I’ll catch up she said to the others. As they continued their run, she forced herself up, took deep breaths and set off, soon catching up to them.

There was a loud clang as asamoah and karikari’ clashed several times. “samoah pushed karikari back and made several quick swings of his matchetees ,forcing karikari to be on the defensive. However, asamoah slashed karikari’s chest,drawing blood.’ Using the spygirl ‘s fighting pattern along with my own brutal style of fighting gives me the edge in this battle, thought Asamoah. He then increased the number of swings and combined several thrusts, forcing Karikari back. Karikari dodged a few swings and dodged the rest.”I’ve to remain calm, mused Karikari. ”No time to ask why he’s betraying the village or how and I can’t keep blocking forever, he decided as he quickly went on the offensive, surprising asamoah with the speed and ferocity of his attacks.”

He changed his fighting style halfway,through this fight,noted Asamoah, sidestepping a few swings and blocking three ,sparks flying from their blades, as they clashed and struck at each other, “Is it out of rage of being cut or desperation?” Asamoah then blocked Karikari’s strike with one machete and aimed at Karikari’s belly with the other. Karikari dodged this by leaping back.”Impossible, he blocked a dual machete strike with a lone machete?”.Karikari wondered. Asamoah then rushed at him and they clashed with such force that Karikari’s machetes were knocked out of his hands and Karikari fell, spinning to his left and hitting the ground with a loud thud.

Struggling, Karkari crawled towards his machetes but Asamoah mercilessly kicked them away and kicked karikari on to his back. Placing his sandals on Karikari’s chest, Asamoah asked, “what’s this, not even going to beg for your life”. ‘Men do not beg, answered Karikari, for mercy from kakai(monsters) like you. “A kakai, huh, laughed Asamoah. I’M giving you the chance to join the keepers of fate or suffer with the rest of the village as Dede’s assistant.”I’ll ..never..”panted Karikari. “Join us, cut in Asamoah. “Maybe this will help you to use your head, he sighed as he slashed karikari’s shoulder. “gaah” gasped Karikari in pain. I’m helping you, so don’t hate me, Asamoah said, . “If it were Araba, you would already be dead.” She’s not as merciful as I am.” he said to Karikari’s dread for Badu’s fate.

'Gaah', badu cried out as she slashed him twice in seconds. As he leapt back, she steadily advanced toward him. “I can feel her killing intent”, shuddered badu as he dodged a slash aimed at his face. Taking deep breaths, Badu attacked with his staff repeatedly but she sidestepped each attack and forced him backwards with each blow. She swung her machetes at him who dodged to her left and tried to catch her from the side. But she foresaw this and broke through his warstaff , shattering it into bits and at the same time kicked him to the ground.

'No use,” Badu noted with despair, she’s too fast and too strong but …I’ve to stop her here” he decided. His hands slowly edged toward the scabbard that was slung across his back. As he drew it, he tossed the sword aside! “You’re not going to use it? She asked coldly, gesturing to his fallen sword. “I don’t believe in raising a blade against a fellow villager” he said, evenly as he firmly grasped the empty scabbard.”I see” she said, before they rushed toward each other, machete and scabbard, outstretched.