Among the achievements, as listed on the page, are the following;

For over two years, The NPP-led government was unable to pay newly recruited teachers their salaries and related allowances, not to mention Railway workers, nurses and doctors. The NDC government of President Atta Mills has addressed these challenges they left behind.

The Atta Mills government is constructing 120 dormitories for schools across the country within the less than two-year period it took office. President Mills takes credit for initiating the process of eliminating the school shift system as well as phasing out the holding of classes under trees. Presently over a thousand new classroom blocks have replaced the over 4,000 classes that were conducted under trees during the NPP era.

Within these 20 months in office of this government 38 Colleges of Education are being integrated into the Tertiary system. Polytechnics have been accredited to offer Bachelor of Technology degrees, particularly in Science, Technology and ICT; while work has started in earnest on two new universities; one in the Volta Region and the other in the Brong Ahafo Region. In the eight years the NPP ruled this country how many additional universities did they build?

The government increased the Capitation Grant by 50% from GH3.00 to GH4.50 to support access, participation and quality in basic schools and provided school children with free uniforms and exercise books.

Today, the NDC government is constructing additional classroom blocks for 214 SHS in the country to cater for the extension of the Senior High School (SHS) system from three to four years which the NPP introduced without having comprehensive plans to build new additional school blocks to cater for the unnecessary extension they introduced.

It is under this NDC-led government that the Tamale hospital is being transformed into an ultra modern Teaching Hospital attached to the University of Development Studies.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) government left behind inflation at 20.1 per cent in December 2008. However prudent measures put in place by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has reduced the inflation to 9.3 per cent.

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