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Thread: Wife-Beaters: Are They Provoked By Women?

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    Default Wife-Beaters: Are They Provoked By Women?

    I am sure that most of you have heard of the name O. J. Simpson. Juice, as he was affectionately called by the media, rose to prominence playing American football. He was quite exceptional at this game. In various selections, he was named NFL player of the year in 1972, 1973, and 1975.

    Of course, the fame, money, and popularity, swung the doors of possibility wide open for him. Hollywood came calling. After enjoying a successful career in competitive sports, O.J retired and became a movie star. In fact, O.J was loved by everybody. His autograph was often sought after by those who wanted to cash in on his immense popularity. Items from his football days were collected and sold for a considerable amount of money. In the eyes of the American public, O.J was a darling. His movies racked up millions of dollars even though he couldn't act. But, who cared?

    Mr Simpsonís private life was a different story. His first marriage was to an African-American woman. Their marriage produced two children--a boy and a girl. Their marriage, sadly, came to an end, when O.J had his heart stolen by another woman. To be precise, a Caucasian woman who went by the name of Nicole. From the word go, Nicole, with her blonde hair and gorgeous features, fell in disfavour with some people. Particularly, some African-American people who couldnít stand the sight of her. They were of the view that Nicole was unsuitable for O.J. Simply because; she was of a different shade order than Black. They even called her a gold-digger. Also, O.J was publicly insulted and criticized by his own people for going out with a White woman. He was called an uncle Tom, a sell-out, and all kinds of derogatory names. Black folks, I guess, wanted to see O.J with a Black woman. O.J, on the other hand, couldnít be bothered.

    Shortly two years into their marriage, rumours began to circulate of a domestic abuse. O.J, Americaís darling, was occasionally beating his wife behind closed doors. Of course, nobody knew what was causing O.J to respond so violently to his wife. Was he being provoked by Nicole, or was he simply losing his mind from time to time? According to the police, they often visited the Simpsonís mansion upon request made by Nicole. Nicole, the police said, feared for her life. She complained to the police what O.J was doing to her. She complained of the occasional beatings. However, not once did she tell them what was causing her famous husband to beat her up. As for the police, they didnít bother asking. O.J was often arrested for domestic abuse, only to be discharged hours later. A couple of years later, the couple broke up, but didnít officially divorce.

    On one fateful day, Nicole, together with another man, were found dead in a pool of blood. O.J, who wasnít present at the scene of the crime, was arrested and charged with murder. To the utter dismay of some people, especially some White folks and some feminist groups, he was acquitted in court. To this very day, there are some who are convinced of his guilt, and there are some who are convinced that the crime was committed by another. I, for one, believe that O.J. Simpson was framed, but thatís me talking. Here in Ghana, domestic violence isnít something uncommon. Itís reported that, yearly, thousands of women die from domestic violence. Indeed, a disturbing figure by all means. For most of us, our immediate reaction upon hearing such reports is; these men have lost their minds for beating their wives. So, most naturally, we side with the women without hearing what caused these men to snap in the first place.

    My question is; are these husbands simply crazy for beating their wives, or do some of these women actually provoke them to do so? GhanaDiscuss folks, please let your voices be heard.

    Source: The Emperor
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    Everyone is responsible for his own actions, provoked or otherwise.

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    I call wife beaters cowards and husband beaters idiots. Either way, a man laying hands on a woman under any circumstance is unjustified. Funny though, i know men who get beat up by woman yet nothing is said for the fear of being labled a wuss. A man lays his hands on a woman and suddenly hell breaks loose.

    One of the major characteristics of a responsible MAN is the ability to keep his temper in check even when provoked. I hope the women learn to respect this fact instead of pushing men's buttons to warrant getting beat down.
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    I agree with you 100 percent Pope. It is almost impossible to hit a woman so i really wonder how they are able to do it.

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    Hmmmmm sad to say and creepy to me but I have heard of stories of some women who enjoy their time together with their spouses in bed more after they have been beaten and so they provoke their men to hit them for them to cry and then afterward get satisfied.....

    Ok, I cant see myself falling into the above category because.......you hit me and I hit you back harder with any available thing in sight if I think using my hand will not make you feel the pain like I am feeling. Maybe if you feel how painful it is when someone hits you, you wont be going round hitting woman......Are you crazy. I love my body and anything that touches me to inflict pain is a NO-NO.

    I don't believe beating of any form by a man or woman is called for....... we all need to learn to control our tempers and find other things to challenge your anger into when we are provoked......

    I never want to talk about "men of God" but the sad truth is that even some of them beat up their wives....so what kind of example are you setting for your congregation to enumerate?

    God help us all

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    Spousal abuse of any kind is abominable. For a man to beat on his wife to show how macho he is just laughable. Pick on your own size or go vent on a punching bag at the gym.

    Women who endure the abuse also need to have their heads checked. Talk about " My husband loves me so he beats me or i want him to beat me so wecan make up in bed." WTF is that ?

    Crazy world we live in.

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    this is beyond me, pro-what-voked? what is next? Some of us are just too much, but regardless aba! where is your dignity? Absolutely madness and lost of respect

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    I also heard that some women enjoy the beating to satisfy some kind of weird masochistic cravings, which is why they keep going back.

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