akata nsafo(the hidden army)
to be honest, this idea was inspired by anime such as bleach, buso renkin, samurai kenshin among others. however, the plot is a bit distinct from them. it is set in bame town, and involves the decades long clash between the akata nsafo and the invading kakai, who regularly make incursions from their dimension to ours through gates. considering that bame town is in the middle of these gates, incursions are made on a regular basis. however kakai are not invisible and the akata nsafo rely more the abnormal strength of their matchets , swords, bow and arrows and spears than on spells and weapon releases.

3. war priest
This is about the open and publicised war between the war priests who have been responsible for resettlements of clans and their present protection and the fairies who seek to take over these settlements. it will mostly involve the use of modern as well a mystical weapons, abilities amoong others.

4. new giants
this is about the war machines called )brafo)(executioners) that were used in the civil war between giants which mysteriously re-activate automaticlly and begin destroying major cities and the humans who fight them in reprogrammed "xecutioners'.