A former Sales and Marketing Executive of AFRISAT, Atta Bediako Kodom Jr., has threatened to expose the Ghana Football Association (GFA) unless it comes clean on who truly brokered the sponsorship deal for the Glo Premier League.

He said he was fed up with the back and forth stance of the controllers of Ghana football over the agency fee saga, and said he was alarmed by the constant attempts by the FA to throw dust into the eyes of the good people of this country.

He said it was unfortunate the main architect of the deal had been sidelined for others to benefit, noting he would wage a crusade to ensure that Abraham Boakye benefited from what was due him.

“When we won the rights to broadcast the premiership, we wanted to partner Glo, and in order to do that we thought it wise to contact their local agent, Abraham Boakye, aka One Man, to broker the deal for us”, he said when he narrated his side of the story to the Graphic Sports.

He said after both parties had agreed on the terms, One Man proceeded to Nigeria to work on their behalf, insisting that Midsea never came into the picture throughout the negotiations.

“So what the FA is saying about AFRISAT contracting Midsea to broker the deal is completely false”, he said, and challenged the FA to produce documents to substantiate its claims.

He stated that after One Man had failed to show up after about a month of their meeting, AFRISAT decided to engage another company. “I don’t readily recall the name of that company, but it wasn’t Midsea to go and negotiate on our behalf.

“But when the officials of the newly-engaged company and Globacom met us to discuss the details of the sponsorship deal, the Glo representative pulled out a proposal presented to them by One Man and said they had commenced work on that proposal”.

This, his said, implied that the proposal submitted by One Man was what was being considered and noted that he should be the one to be paid the agency fee and not Midsea.

When questioned about the difference between the Premiership right and the media rights, he only responded that his former company won the media rights which covered the premiership.

He said the CEO of AFRISAT, Rene Williams Koue BI, who is currently out of the country, had even denied knowledge of any relationship with Midsea and was due to address the media on his return.

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