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Thread: OMG --- Updated Dowry List 2010 - Tribes in Ghana‏

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    Default OMG --- Updated Dowry List 2010 - Tribes in Ghana‏

    The Gas

    1. 10 pieces of white cloth (for pregnancy & outdooring)
    2. 20 crates of Star beer (10 for the mother-in-law, 10 for father-in-law)
    3. Albion or Nissan Bluebird car
    4. 4 live pigs (for domedo)
    5. One akasanoma radio (for listening to Obunu 93.3FM)
    6. 2 years advance rent (cos you will be staying with your in-laws)
    7. 1 CD compilation of DJ Gblagazaa's Mixx feat Screwface
    8. 1 Pair Trawler
    9. 1 drum of apeteshie (for libation sake)
    10. Valid residence preferably in James Town, Mpoase, Mamprobi, Chokor, Teshie Tsui Bleeoo, Teshie Tiafi ahe

    The Ashanti

    1. Valid visa to Germany/Spain/USA
    2. Shares in Obuasi Goldfields
    3. 1 Store at a Commercial Business District
    4. A degree in "yobbing"
    5. DNA Test results to prove linkage to the Asantehene
    6. Middle School Leaving Certificate (standard 7 accepted)
    7. 5 set of mortar and pestle
    8. Cassava & plantain farm (no fufu powder)
    9. Speak fluent "capo" language
    10. 1 copy of Everyday English
    11. Valid residence in areas such as Abossey Okai, North Kaneshie, Sukura, Russia

    The Ewes

    1. 10kg of "atama" snuff (for the father-in-law)
    2. Oversized Tema-station suit (for future growth and expansion)
    3. Cassava farm
    4. Multi-colored XXXL towel for father-in-law (if he's from the Southern Volta)
    5. 10 pieces of white "Obroni waawu" singlets (for the father in-law)
    6. 8 pieces of multicolored vest (for Mother-in-law). To be used on market days
    7. One stall at Asigame (for mother-in-law)
    8. Connections to work in government agencies preferably post offices and hospitals
    9. 20 sets of neatly wrapped chewing sticks
    10. My First Copy Book (for retired fisherman now turned student
    11. Valid residence preferably in these locations: Madina, Agbogba, Adenta, Haatso, Libya Quarters, Ashaley Botwe

    The Kwahus

    1. 3 year valid SUSU Saving bank account
    2. Hardware store- dealing in cement, iron rods, paints, roofing sheets etc.
    3. Middle School Leaving Certificate
    4. Ability to sponsor Easter trips back home every year
    5. Valid visa and work permit in Spain preferably apple plantations
    6. One drinking spot
    7. Valid residence in areas such as Dome, Taifa, Kwabenya, Saint Johns etc

    The Krobos

    1. 30 packs of GSMF approved condoms (protection sake)
    2. 20 funeral cloths
    3. Ability to perform paternity tests often
    4. One blue kiosk
    5. 45 pieces of mercy soap/cream and ointment
    6. Residence in a compound house

    The Fantes

    1. 20 crates of Ovaltine/Tetley tea bags
    2. 50kg of sausage
    3. 77 containers of jam/margarine
    4. 67 crates of ideal milk
    5. 10 boxes of turkey wings
    6. 6 crates of eggs
    7. 1 seagoing canoe
    8. Required High School-Adisadel College & Mfantsipim
    9. Participation in keysoap TV programmes especially Cantata & Concert Party
    10. Connection to work in government agencies such as Post office, Ministries and Newspaper agencies

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    BBoy T


    Matter oo LOL

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    this so humorous

    all go to the same place ;all come from dust and to the dust all return. who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?
    ecclesiastes 3:20-21 :-x

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    Very funny, haha. On the money though i must say.

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