I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on developing a new global society that is centered around growth and prosperity and reaching new technological heights. So long as we live the way we do now with a debt based economy with the poor staying poor and the rich getting richer, our current global society will fail and fall, nor would it be pretty when it happens.

I've been reading some information about Arcologies, Vertical Farming and Resource Based Economy and I really think these three concepts would lead to a better more sustainable global society.

An Arcology is a rather large skyscraper city where people can live, work and play. In some cases, a person may be born and die in an arcology without ever *having* to leave it. Some arguments against arcologies that I've read liken it to a prison or a cage simply because one wouldn't have to leave it, but this assumes people wouldn't leave it by their own free will. Living in an arcology doesn't mean you *have* to stay within it's confines for the remainder of your life, just as people do not *have* to stay within the confines of the city they were born in either. It's a rather weak argument and it's pretty much the only argument against arcologies that I've come across.

There is one design called Ultima Tower, it's a one mile diameter tower that is two miles high. It can house one million residents. Only seven thousand of these towers would be needed to house the entire Earth's population. We have the resources to build these towers, but under our current economic model, we lack the "money" to do so. Which brings me to my next point!

If we moved to a Resource Based Economy, then we could easily build these arcologies. A resource based economy would free up the worlds resources making them equally available to the entire Earth's population to share based upon supply and demand of where those resources are most needed. Rather than governments, nations and corporations hoarding resources and making them scarce and thus profiting on the purposeful scarcity of those resources. This planet has enough resources to sustain a population much greater than what we currently have.

In a resource based economy, one wouldn't get 'paid', no barter or exchange of goods for goods would occur. Currently, I can't find any well thought out plan for a resource base economy, but the concept itself is sound in my opinion and would simply have to be experimented with to see what would work and what wouldn't work. You would simply go into a 'store' a grab a shirt you want, at the 'register' you swipe you card and the resources it took to make that shirt goes into a central database so we know where and how resources are being used so we can better direct where the resources need to go. Or something along those lines. It's a really interesting concept that everyone should look into and research more.

The last concept deals with how to feed these arcologies. With Vertical Farming we can feed fifty thousand people with a single thirty story tall building. As of right now, it's a conceptual idea with no real world practice. Theoretically such farming techniques would work superbly. They would require less water, no soil, and would lead to less diseased crops ensuring a greater healthier harvest. The benefits of moving to such farming techniques are amazing, we could feed more people with less land. This combined with arcologies frees up huge amounts of land for biodiversity and recreational usage and leave room for the human population to grow even more with less impact on our planet compared to what we're doing now with such a tiny population.

So, what's everyone's opinion on developing a more sustainable, global and free society?