I have but a simple question and I am hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on it. I know how electricity basically operates, regular house electricity 120v/220v. The question I have is that I have always understood when you plug something in and use that electricity that the electrons basically travel from one leg on the plug through the object plugged in and back towards ground or the neutral side of the circuit. So heres my question, what prevents the power that enters your house from leaving your house after it has been utilized through whatever you have plugged in.

Basically is there some way to meter the amount of energy that could possibly be leaving your house going back into the grid after everything in your house has utilized what it needs? I know it might sound confusing but it seems to me that we are being fooled into believing that the energy we use everyday and get charged for just disappears after it's used and is not somehow being recycled back into the grid and recycled into other areas which could open a can of worms to the average consumer? And if that is the case why isn't the energy that travels back out being metered just as the amount coming in?

And if I am being silly here or sounding like I am looking to deep into this brain fart let me know!!!!