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Thread: What comes to mind when you wake up?

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    Default What comes to mind when you wake up?

    I will start, each day when i wakeup the first thing that comes to my mind is the traffic that i am going to be in, usually for an hour and half driving to my office, i hate being in traffic than anything.

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    I say a short prayer of thanks for the new day and then follow it up with A DIFFERENT DAY SAME BS.(considering the BS i will have to endure at work and of course the traffic situation)
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    I wake up abruptly to a very loud and ear wrenching alarm clock. I jump to my feet and look at the cable box..okay now its 603 am.. i look around and start to think..okay its friday right? What am i going to cook for Dre? okay peanut butter pancakes...brew the coffee..shout for Dre to rise....jump in shower real quick
    7 minute shower..cause Dre gotta shower also. get dressed whip up some pancakes
    sip some coffee... give dre a kiss on his forehead and say" learn something in school today Dre"..he asks in response. "One or two things mom" and off i go to work..i walk right across the street to work conveniently. Sunrise walks in Florida are so therapeutic

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    What comes to mind in the morning when I wake up is should I take the back streets to work or just deal with the less bumpy highway road

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    Hmmmm considering the fact that my alarm wakes me up these days....my first thought is to fall right back to sleep because in most cases, I didn't have enough sleep or I'm feeling lazy to get up. After that phase passes and I'm able to sit up in bed, say a prayer, get ready for work and ooooo for a change I love my drive to work since i go against the rush hour traffic...although there are a few insane drivers out there I need to deal with.

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