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Thread: How Much Should a man spend on a Wedding Ring?

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    Default How Much Should a man spend on a Wedding Ring?

    Over to you forumers. Tell me how much.

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    hmmm......lets see......Spending thousands and thousands of dollars to buy a ring for someone and then things don't work out.....what happens.

    I believe the heart behind the ring matters more than how much it cost.....that said doesn't mean you should buy a cheap ring to put on the fingers of the woman you profess to "LOVE".

    You also need to consider your income before deciding how much to spend on the ring. If there is a wedding in tow, you should realize that there are other costs to be the taken care of.

    I don't see why a man should max out on his credit card to get a lady a ring and then afterwards what.......... THINK MAN......"CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING TO THE CLOTH AVAILABLE TO YOU". You only earning $50,000 a year and you want to buy a $20,000 ring for a lady....are you sure you are alright up there?......there are bills to be paid and you got a life to lead.

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    Seriously, blinging on ur wify hand is nothing but the glory of showing it off, more like "Bam, in ur face". What happens when u spend all that money on a damn ring like my sis explained above and things fall apart. Depending on who broke it off, she keeps that ring if it's the man's fault for breaking it off. We woman that actually give a damn about our man, should discuss with hubby to be all inclusive how much to spend; unless money ain't **** when things fall apart. Think hard, **** nowadays, u could get better sized stones even at high end department stores for a knock off value. It's nice to rock that bling, it ain't worth it when headache arise.

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    Buy her a boulder of a ring sign a pre-nup.(include in there, i get my ring back in case we divorce or you cheat.) buy her a rock from China Town and forget about it, 'wont cost you much. $200 LOL
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    Lol. i say Cubic Zirconia. After three years you would know if the union is a worthy of investment. then you can buy her a proper ring.

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