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Thread: Dissecting Ebo Quansah's Letter to FIFA

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    Default Dissecting Ebo Quansah's Letter to FIFA

    When I read the letter of Ebo Quansah to FIFA purported to be reporting alleged “political interference in the administration of football in Ghana,” I felt pity for him, and very bad for the two GFA Executive Committee members mentioned in the letter, namely Randy Abbey and Kwesi Nyantakyi.

    So I decided to wait and see the reaction of the GFA on the letter since its consequences were two-fold and would weigh heavily on them.

    I felt pity for Ebo Quansah because he either did not know what FIFA means by “political interference” or he was just being mischievous. At worst, FIFA will descend on Ghana through a ban which has its own implications and impact. Whatever Ebo Quansah sought to achieve is up to him (and his architects).

    This apeared to be a planned thing to get Ghana banned just around the time Ghana was to play The Sudan in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier so that Ghana would miss out qualifying to participate in CAN 2012 which would lead to a backlash against the Government.

    Consequences of Ebo’s letter
    The question that immediately came to my mind was whether because of selfish interest and hatred for a political party someone who calls himself a Ghanaian or people who call themselves Ghanaians could conspire or go at any length and do things against the country, damn the consequences?

    So if FIFA had banned Ghana, what would Ebo Quansah have achieved? Just to get Ghana banned so that he could beat his chest that “yes I did it”?

    Maybe what Ebo Quansah failed to realise was that before FIFA would decide to ban a country based on a report from an outsider like him, it would investigate the allegations made and all the parties mentioned in the letter required to react to those allegations; In this case the Government of Ghana and the GFA would be requested to react to the allegations and FIFA may even decide to institute its own investigations, and with an issue like the “Midsea Agency” stench, we all know who would be at the receiving end.

    I expected Ebo Quansah to chronicle the details of the GFA/Midsea saga in his letter so that FIFA would get the true picture. What about the 2010 World Cup account?

    It is ironic that out of the 22 GFA Executive Committee Members, it is only the GFA president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, and spokesperson, Randy Abbey, who are being hounded by what Ebo described as “agents of the current government”. What have Nyantakyi and Abbey done to deserve “harassment”? How special are they as compared to the 20 other members of the Executive Committee or the other three members of the Emergency Committee of the GFA to warrant “harassment”?

    If it is just a ploy to ease the pressure on the two GFA members who are heavily involved in the Midsea rot, then Ebo Quansah has failed miserably since this will not end the investigations that have to be conducted by the SFO, now Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO).

    Was it a strategy to prepare the grounds to make ugly noises about harassment when Nyantakyi and Randy Abbey are invited by the EOCO or the IRS to answer questions relating to the Midsea and the missing agency fee or matters relating to accounting for monies given by the Government in respect of the national teams?

    Endorsing fraud?
    Who told Ebo Quansah that FIFA endorses fraud? Whether Ebo Quansah likes it or not, Nyantakyi and Randy have questions to answer. For the information of Ebo Quansah, FIFA does not need his letter to know what is going on in Ghana, especially in this era of living in a “Global Village”. FIFA did not need a report from the likes of Ebo Quansah in Nigeria to impose a ban on Nigeria recently.

    What is so special about Kwesi Nyantakyi that there was a plan to arrest him at the airport on his return from Cairo only for “the security authorities in Ghana to dispatch security personnel to ensure his safety”?

    What a self contradiction? Who planned to arrest him? Is it the same security agents or there are people in Ghana who have started plans to abduct people, including ordinary citizens like Kwesi Nyantakyi? If the security authorities wanted to arrest Nyantakyi, was the airport the only place to get him?

    In Ghana, it is unfortunate that most people with access to the media think that they know more than the rest of us, and, therefore, can churn out anything with “authority”, even if such discussions are steeped in ignorance.

    I want to take this opportunity to educate Ebo Quansah and his likes about what amounts to political/governmental interference in football administration.

    What is political interference?
    If a Government or any government agency, department or arm does any of the following then there is Government/political interference in a country’s football administration:
    • Removal or an attempt to remove an officer or a member of the FA;
    • Nominates or imposes a candidate on the FA during an election;
    • Meddling in the running/organisation of the domestic game (league, knockout etc);
    • Meddling in the appointment of match officials.

    Governmental/political interference does not cover areas of football administration where Government demands accountability in areas it spends money such as, for example, on the national teams. Even FIFA is emphatic that where the Government pays the salary and other emoluments of a national coach or technical director, his appointment is done by the FA in consultation with the Government, and, therefore, if the FA appoints a national coach who is to be paid from the national coffers without the involvement of the Government, the Government has every right to react if it is not happy with the appointment, and that would not amount to interference.

    Where there is fraud or perceived fraud on the part of any member of the FA, like any citizen, FIFA would endorse full national investigations and punishment, including imprisonment.

    We hear of conviction of referees and other officials involved in fraud in football, and FIFA does not ban those countries. FIFA endorses honesty and accountability.

    So any invitation from the security agencies (EOCO, Police or BNI) to Nyantakyi and Randy to help in investigations into alleged fraud would not amount to Governmental/political interference as Ebo Quansah ignorantly (or wickedly) wants Ghanaians and the whole world to believe, and FIFA would not object to it because nobody can hide under the shadow of FIFA to perpetrate fraud.

    GFA’s disclaimer
    I felt very bad for the two GFA Executive Committee members who Ebo Quansah was “fighting” for when I read the letter, but I was very happy when I heard and read that the GFA had dissociated itself from the letter sent to FIFA to report their “predicament” in Ghana.

    I am happy about the GFA’s disclaimer because if the GFA had not dissociated itself from the letter, it could have opened a “can of worms” which, it appears, some are trying very hard to put a lid on.

    The GFA knows that if FIFA received this letter and the GFA confirmed the allegations, and Government also reacted to it, the GFA, especially Randy and Nyantakyi, could be in bad business under the current state of affairs where issues surrounding the Midsea/agency deal have come up.

    I salute the leadership of the GFA for taking such a wise decision by dissociating itself from Ebo Quansah’s letter, written to seek “justice” on their behalf.

    I am, particularly, happy when I read that “if the GFA or any of its officials feel strongly about any of the issues raised in the letter, it is capable of raising them by itself for the attention of Government of Ghana, CAF or FIFA”.

    Though this is a very heart-warming statement, I pause to ask if the GFA is being sincere or believes in that statement? I am asking this because in most cases, the GFA says one thing in the open and does something else behind the scenes. The GFA should prove me wrong this time round.

    My humble advise to the GFA is that they should send their disclaimer in a letter form to the FIFA President whom Ebo Quansah addressed his letter to, with copies to all those who were served copies; that is more prudent under the circumstances than just issuing a statement on its Website because it is not every one who Ebo Quansah served with copies of his letter has visited or will visit the GFA Website.

    If the GFA issued a statement such as “if the GFA or any of its officials feel strongly about any of the issues raised in the letter, it is capable of raising them by itself for the attention of Government of Ghana, CAF or FIFA” and that “the GFA will not support any individual to fight any cause it is capable of fighting by itself and in a better position to do so”, then my dear reader, is this not a clear case of “the outsider mourning louder that the bereaved,” apologies to GFA Executive Committee member, George Afriyie?

    Adman Michael
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    well said.

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