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Thread: What is your take on polygamy?

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    Default What is your take on polygamy?

    Polygamy (also known as plural marriage): they said that "Marriage is an amazingly flexible institution." They have also said (which many of us are aware of) that "It has taken many forms in various cultures and eras. It has not always been restricted to a union of two spouses."

    However, I would like to know what is your take on polygamy and is it something you feel comfortable or uncomfortable about?

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    1.) it causes many trouble.
    2.) if you live in EU it causes many trouble cause the system is not recognized by society/politics/government as a matter of life
    3.) in EU they care much of homo marriage but not of peoples reality.
    4.) EU hunts down polygamists but praises homo weddings as a normal natural matter.
    5.) polygamy is normal and given as a natural human life form.

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