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Thread: Aba: Abrewanana Osuani. Part 2

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    "Maybe they wanted to hold you hostage and use that to get whatever they wanted'' Badu thought aloud as he and aba walked downhill with the bandits in tow back to the village square. "no" Aba replied, shaking her head. "their attacks, the way their leader attacked me nearly wounded me ". at this, the entire group grew silent,including their bandits. while it was true that bandits attacks were brutal, they had a strict policy of not seriously wounding their victims to prevent vengeance attacks from the asafo. the same went for the asafo group, who were only trained to restrain, bruise if unavoidable. after all, was not war the reason for the Great exodus and resettlement of the clans? Sumina, the bandit leader spoke for the first time,since his restraint, 'it was not personal, child, but i was only following orders" whose orders! yelled badu, who ordered you to..." his sudden advancement toward sumina was restrained by his colleagues . Enough badu, you will not get that answer from him, we already tried , remember,Karikari said firmly. Badu's group leader , asamoah went a step further and placed his hand on badu's shoulder." we will find out just what happened today, eventually'' . badu took in deep breaths, thinking it over, "i was not aware that she was attacked like that and yet she herself seems so calm about it,he thought glancing at her. " Aba had already deduced that such an event might happen , hence the reason for undertaking a strict regimen of warrior training from her auntie the month before. however, sumina and his men seemed well conditioned to not disclose any further details. "it's more like they are only supposed to reveal this one detail, she mused. as they resumed their journey, with the asafo's eyes burning into the back of the bandit's heads, karikari realised something, " during the attack they seemed to focus just on her by brushing through those around her and getting his people to form a wall behind him once he face her one on one. that sort of method is unheard of in a fight, almost like any attack from other warriors even myself was irrelevant.
    At the cave prison, torches were lighted on the walls and the thick bamboo doors were shut in the bandits faces. karikari and asamoah spoke to abrewanana ama in the darkness of the caves. normally , an asafo had to go to an abrewanana's place to receive counsel. however they had rather met her there. "hmm, she is probably, trying to see if she can reeducate criminals and get them on the straight and narrow, thought Asamaoh. despite her age, Ama's powers of persuasion were known throughout the village as being nearly infallible. Nearly infallible since she had been unable to reform a single crook since she became an abrewanana. "I have heard everything and can only conclude that badu may be right, the very idea of a bandit wanting a one on one battle with an osuani without previous conflict is ridiculous. of course aba would see it differently since she was attacked.
    for now it may be best for the asafo to double their patrols , particularly around the asuafo homes.we cannot let them be used to give the bandits whatever the bandits want."
    she said. "then we will also continue interrogating the bandits to find out who gave them the orders,Asamoah said. "i will call for a meeting of abrewanana in order to help with the investigation as well" she said. ''however the remaining group meetings that she and several others will have to attend will continue as planned''. she thought as the two asafo leaders left.
    Aba Amonoo was heading back home since she reasoned that recent events would mean she wouldn't have to go to music class in the afternoon and cooking class in the evening.
    however, the town crier suddenly announced that despite the fierce attack on an osuani earlier, other group meetings would carry on as planned. "particularly, Aba Amonoo, "yelled the town crier before leaving the village centre. "well, aba reasoned, at least there won't be any fierce attacks during music and cooking class. "aba!" adisa called out from the entrance of the music hut. " i heard everything that happened, are you alright?" fine, thanks for asking Adisa, smiled Aba wanly. as they walked in, adisa said , "at least you showed that fool where power lies by knocking him on his butt,i am sure he will spend the rest of his days in regret'.
    At that moment, Sumina smiled as several sentries were defeated by several warriors in blue and white attire, their faces masked by thick warpaint. their staffs literally crushed those of the sentries and one by one they were punched and kicked to the ground. As they began to gag and tie up the sentries a mysterious figure in a straw hat and bearing the armband of a captain, approached the cells flanked by five of the blue and white warriors and asked"warrior sumina, is it true that she defeated you without incurring any injury?" yes, he replied, "she is quite skilled". "Interesting"she mused, "she apparently has one of our criterion"."In any event your capture is still part of the plan " she said. "Within these walls, you will be given as much comfort as possible and as far as I am concerned ,there will be no further interrogations or disturbances from the asafo or anyone else for that matter'' , she said. " ''Soon" sumina mused as she left, "things will finally be as they ought to be within this village, under our guidance".
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