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Thread: Ebo Quansah's Letter TO FIFA calling for an investigation or a ban..-Full Text

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    Default Ebo Quansah's Letter TO FIFA calling for an investigation or a ban..-Full Text

    Below is the full text fo the letter sent to FIFA by Ebo Quansah calling for an investigation into the governments interference with the GFA, or a potential ban by FIFA.The GFA has since disassociated itself from this letter.
    Ebo Quansah

    I write as the immediate past president of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana to bring to your notice, as head of the global football family, certain dangerous developments undermining the independence of the Ghana Football Association and threatening the very survival of football as an organised sport in my native country.

    A change of government in the political administration of Ghana was effected at the polls in December 2008. Immediately the new administration took charge on January 7, 2009, agents of the governing party started a campaign of hate to undermine the authority of football administration.

    The GFA was hauled before the Transitional Team of the new administration, ostensibly to account for money received and spent in connection with the participation of the Black Stars of Ghana in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It is instructive to learn, Mr President, that the GFA had long rendered accounts which had received approval by Parliament, the highest organ for accountability in the country.

    When nothing incriminating was found, a widely publicised circular was sent to leading members of the government by agents of the ruling political party, the National Democratic Congress, stating emphatically that the election of the current management of football in Ghana was engineered by the previous administration of ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor. Consequently, the new administration should set up a Public Interest Committee composed of agents of the ruling party to supervise the activities of the GFA.

    Mr FIFA President, the claim is false. The previous political administration had no hand in the FA election that brought the Kwesi Nyantakyi-led administration to power. The Kufuor Administration never interfered with matters pertaining to football organisation in Ghana.

    Last month, it was widely publicised in Ghana and the world-wide web that the Head of State of the Republic of Ghana, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, visited you at FIFA House accompanied by Abedi Ayew Pele, Ghana’s living football legend.

    The news item quoting Presidential aides added that in the course of his interaction with you and other officials of the world’s governing football body, you granted the head of state of Ghana permission to investigate the Ghana Football Association.

    Some of us were puzzled by the new twist of events because we were under the impression that if FIFA would sanction any such investigation by government, it would have at least communicated the decision to the GFA.

    Immediately on arrival in Ghana from the visit to Switzerland, a chain of events was put in motion to harass the leadership of the GFA, particularly its president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, and spokesperson, Randy Abbey, both perceived as not playing ball with the new political overlords.

    Mr President, the president of the GFA was ordered to appear before the Serious Fraud Office in Accra on Monday, September 13, 2010, “to give information on GFA/Globacom GH sponsorship contract deal for Ghana Professional League”.

    According to the letter of invitation received at the GFA Secretariat on September 7, 2010, the FA president was to produce the following: (1) contract documents with Midsea Company Ltd, Afrisat (TV production company), GLOBACOM, Renef Williams (nature of relationship); (2) All payments from Globacom since inception of Contract; (3) Documents on all payments in respect of contract by Midsea Company Ltd.; (4) All agency documents, if any; (5) Contract documents with One-Touch (Vodafone Gh) in respect of the GFA Globacom sponsorship.

    Two days after the first invitation, another summon from the Serious Fraud Office was received at the FA Secretariat ordering the FA president to appear before the same Serious Fraud Office on Wednesday, September 15, at 10a.m. “to give information on issues concerning 2010 World Cup”.

    The FA president was asked to “produce the following: (1) List of all sponsors; (2) Documents on total amount mobilised per each sponsor; (3) Documents on total disbursements; (4) Payments of bonuses, basis, quantum and beneficiaries.

    To stop the harassment of the FA president, a member of the Executive Committee of the GFA, Mr George Afriyie, filed an application for judicial review at an Accra High Court, putting an injunction on the Serious Fraud Office until the court had disposed of the application.

    Mr President, following the court case, a series of events are being orchestrated, clearly demonstrating that the SFO action has more to do with political interference than the need to establish accountability at the FA.

    My independent investigations, as a leading sports journalist in Ghana, has revealed that certain personalities in football administration in this country owing allegiance to the ruling political party have held a number of meetings with some executive members of the FA with the aim of diffusing the tension engulfing the administration of football.

    According to sources at the FA Secretariat, those who convened the meetings claimed to have done so after meeting with the political overlords of this country, and that they have the mandate of the government and the ruling party to demand the following:
    A: Resignation of the Football Association spokesperson, Randy Abbey, from two positions he occupies in Ghana football: (i) spokesperson, and (ii) chairman of the Under-23 national team, the Black Meteors.

    The reason they were said to have assigned is that Mr Abbey is very vocal in his criticism of the President of the Republic of Ghana on talk shows as a radio and television pundit, and that by that action he was injuring FA-Government relationship.

    B: They demanded that the ruling party be given slots on the membership of all national teams. Ghana has eight national football teams — five male and three female. They are the Black Stars, the senior national team; the Meteors, the Under-23 or Olympic team; the Satellites, the Under-20 national team; the Starlets, the Under-17 team; and CHAN, the local Black Stars team. The three female national teams are the Black Queens, the senior female national team; the Princesses, the Under-20 squad, and the Maidens, Under-17 girls’ team.

    C: They claimed that the ruling government had directed them to demand the immediate formation of a Public Interest Committee of the Ghana Football Association with agents of the ruling party taking three slots on the five-member committee. The Public Interest Committee is one of the Statutory Committees of the GFA. A request by Government for a majority of its membership is a misplaced

    The formation of the Committee is an exclusive preserve of the GFA. It does not have supervisory or auditing powers over the GFA. A casual glance at the Statutes of the GFA leaves no one in doubt that it will be a liaison between the GFA and the Ministry of Sports.

    Mr President, following these developments, there is much tension in football administration in Ghana. Quite recently, the president of the Football Association went to Cairo for a series of meetings organised by the Confederation of African Football. There were wild rumours that Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi would be arrested at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra on his return.

    Supporters of the Black Stars in the national capital organised themselves and went to the airport in their numbers to confront any authority who would attempt to arrest the FA president. On his return, there was so much tension at the airport that security authorities in Ghana had to dispatch security personnel to ensure his safety, according to usually reliable sources within national security.

    Mr President, I have chosen to narrate these incidents as a concerned citizen and former president of the nation’s sports journalists to draw your attention to the danger posed to football administration by overbearing government agents.

    Mr President, my worry has its foundation in orchestrated attempts by the Government of President John Evans Atta Mills to impose government officials on the National Olympic Committee which resulted in Ghana nearly failing to participate in the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India.

    On assumption of office, the government dismissed Board Members of the National Sports Council and redeployed the Chief Executive of the Council, Prince Oduro-Mensah, to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. All national sports associations were reconstituted with mainly agents of the ruling party.

    At that point in time, the National Olympic Committee (GOC), led by Mr Benson Tongo Baba, had given the Committee’s statutory 21-day notice for its Congress at which new executives were to be elected. It meant that all those appointed by the new government were ineligible for the election. On the day of the polls, government agents raided the venue.

    Reports indicate that an aide to the President of the Republic, Nii Lante Vanderpuije, destroyed attendant sheets and other documents, and ordered the appointed officials to go ahead with the polls.

    Mr President, the power-drunken new officers for sports promotion in Ghana went ahead and purported to have elected Prof. Francis Dodoo, a former national athlete who was a member of the Transitional Team of the ruling National Democratic Congress, as president of the Ghana Olympic Committee.

    Naturally, the International Olympic Committee refused to recognise that new body. Instead, it threw its protective arm around the old administration headed by Mr B.T. Baba, and instructed that the old administration should be in charge until credible elections were held.

    The government of the day refused to do business with the GOC. Instead, it threw the GOC out of the premises it occupied and hauled the GOC before the Serious Fraud Office. The SFO unilaterally ordered a freeze on all accounts held by Olympic Committee. When the GOC challenged the acion as illegal, the SFO applied to the High Court seeking legal action to back their action.

    In a landmark decision, an Accra High Court ruled on Thursday, April 1, 2010, that the Government of Ghana has no financial interest in the GOC to order a financial investigation into activities of the GOC, and, therefore, ordered that all assets frozen should be de-frozen.

    Even then, the Government of the day, through the Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Council, has refused to deal with the old administration. Meanwhile, the Francis Dodoo-led GOC, is also in place. Since the sports authorities would not deal with the original GOC, it could not approach it to submit the names of Ghanaian athletes and officials to the Commonwealth Games Federation.

    It was only after an article by my humble self drawing attention to the danger posed by Ghana’s refusal to go to the Games that the President of the Republic virtually gave an order that all arrangements should be made for the nation’s participation in the Games.

    Mr President, I have chosen to narrate the GOC issue to draw attention to the seriousness of the GFA problem.
    I will like to believe, Mr President, that it would serve the interest of FIFA and Ghana football if you would kindly communicate the transaction that took place between FIFA and the President of the Republic of Ghana when he came visiting FIFA House early last month.

    The impression is being created that FIFA has allowed government interference in the running of football in this country.

    My invstigation at the FA has drawn blank on whether or not the Ghana Football Association has drawn your attention to these nasty developments. Knowing how things are shaping up since the assumption of duty of the new political dispensation, the FA might be constrained in drawing attention to these developments even though they are hurting badly.

    I take this opportunity to wish you well and hope that FIFA will investigate this matter thoroughly and thus save our football from being undermined. I feel that Ghana football has the potential to establish a case for Africa, and it should not be dragged into politics.

    Yours faithfully,
    Ebo Quansah
    (Immediate past president of SWAG)

    September 25, 2010.

    Copied to:
    Jerome Valke,
    General Secretary of FIFA.

    Issa Hayatou,
    President, Confederation of African Football.

    Kwesi Nyantakyi,
    President, Ghana Football Association.

    The Chief of Staff,
    Office of the President,
    Republic of Ghana.

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    So this guy woke up one morning and decided to write to FIFA in the capacity of the FORMER PRESIDENT OF SWAG ? loooooooool
    well i will be writing to FIFA to morrow in the capacity of the ex-boyfriend of Jawula's daughter,the ex-boyfriend of Kwame Pianim's niece and the ex-president of my college's students union.

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    so this guy woke up one morning and decided to write to fifa in the capacity of the former president of swag ? Loooooooool
    well i will be writing to fifa to morrow in the capacity of the ex-boyfriend of jawula's daughter,the ex-boyfriend of kwame pianim's niece and the ex-president of my college's students union.

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