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Thread: Aba: Abrewanana Osuani part 1. basically, a a fictional tale of the struggles of an abrewanana osuani(sage apprentice ) in the village of nyansakrom(

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    Post Aba: Abrewanana Osuani part 1. basically, a a fictional tale of the struggles of an abrewanana osuani(sage apprentice ) in the village of nyansakrom(

    On that bright tuesday morning, aba amonoo among many other children, arrived at the royal courtyard for the selection of an abrewanana osuani. this referred to the selection of apprentices for the abrewanana, the sages of the villge who were knowledgeable in nearly all aspects of villge life in nyansakrom , from settling thorny court cases to aiding in devising crime prevention strategies as well. this had been explained the previous day and despite the relative difficulty of being a "jack of all trades" , the numbers were larger than that of the previous year.

    In the shadows of the royal courtyard entrance, three senior abrewanana watched the anxious crowd."so all these children aexpect to become mbrewanana in three years time,? their naivete each year is amazing ,isn't it, adisa?" "there you go again, saying negative things so early in the morning, adwoa. isn't the first rule of an abrewanana to never underestimate anyone and overlook anything?"replied Adisa. "ah well, i am going to start grouping the candidates, they seem to have waited for too long , particularly that aba amonoo girl" said abrewanana ama. with that , she approached the crowd and addressed them.

    To her surprise, the group she was assigned to was the asafo the villages,warriors. this was not usually done until the next year in the apprenticeship due to the harsh nature of their operations. After they were dismissed, akos, one of her best friends said to her, 'lucky girl, you get to stop crime whilst I am stuck with picking up litter with the sanitation group. what part of facing matchet brandishing bandits is supposed to be fun?", wondered aba as she trudged off into the bushes with the asafo group for the daily patrol.

    We will have to join another asafo group due to the increased... the group leader's words were cut short as several bandits leapt out from the bushes brandishing matchetes. as two of them charged towards the group leader , karikari sidestepped their slashes and struck them both simultaneously with his battle staff. however more bandits began pouring out from the bushes. aba amonoo soon realised that they would be surrounded if they did not alter their positions. in between blocks , the group leader shouted orders to avoid being enclosed by the bandits.

    suddenly , the bandit leader , with his trademark armband emerged fromthe bushes as well and headed straight towards aba., who was blocking attacks from five bandits. despite the asafo captain,s efforts to halt his advance, karikari was kept back by several bandits who began to target him, slowing him down. sumina brushed aside the efforts of several male and female asafo slashing their staffs in half. aba barely had time to dodge when after pushing back the bandits, sumina, the bandit leader swung his matchete at aba's head. she used her staff to avoid falling over, and took blow after blow on her staff from him.'if he keeps slashing form left to right twice then right to left thrice, i will just have to block it in mid swing at the right time, she thought. the bandit leader forced her back whilst the bandits began blocking thepath behind their leader.

    in the middle of his third swing formright to left , she sidestepped him, blocked his hand before he could swing the matchete and used that interval to smash the rest of the staff against his chest, bringing him down. stunned, sumina wondered how she beat him so quickly. aba amonoo grabbed a fallen staff and held it towards him. just then the second group samina spoke off arrived . this turn of events as well as their leaders defeat at the hands of a child slowed the bandits soon caused the asafo to fight back with renewed vigour and soon the bandits were surrounded by both groups.

    ''Your first day attached to the asafo and you are already knocking down bandit leaders,aba, do you want to be an abrewanana in a week, a familiar voice called out from the second group. aba soon recognised it as that of Badu, one of her closest friends. for badu, Aba was one of the few who still remained a friend even after his parents were arrestes for illegal trading practices , leaving him tagged as a "bad boy" by association.
    'I was surprised to even be in the asaafo group this year', badu, aba replied as they began to march back with the captives to the village. badu wondered why this was so and even more worryingly why the bandit leader as wella s the bandits had seemed to focus their attacks solely on her.
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    I lik the suspence so far Achaempong good use of traditional imaginations. At once i felt it was my Auntie Akos telling anansesem around the fire at night in BMD....keep them coming, this is real good start

    all go to the same place ;all come from dust and to the dust all return. who knows if the human spirit rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?
    ecclesiastes 3:20-21 :-x

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    Thanks for the review, Yaa. I plan to continue the story with reasons as to the attack pattern of the bandits along with other details soon.

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