The Daily Guide claims Mr. Asamoah Boateng was prevented on the orders of Ama Benyiwa Doe. But the Central Regional Minister has described the claims as false.

“Its complete madness, If Asamoah Boateng can look up to God and say that he was coming there and I stopped him, then he needs to be examined. Otherwise anybody who writes that I saw Asamoah Boateng and I asked that he should be stopped, that person should be examined. The whole Central Regional House of chiefs’ elders were there and I spent only 25 minutes there because I had other engagements. Seriously, I did not know Asamoah Boateng was there and I didn’t see him, neither did I hear anything about him so I was surprised when this Morning I only wake up to hear that Asamoah was there and I turned him away. It’s really an unfortunate situation and I am more than surprised.” she explained.

“I know that the NPP in the region have been meeting on how to tackle me but if this is the way of trying to tackle me then they are misfiring from the beginning. How do I in my right senses go to a funeral and order that anybody who comes after me at the funeral should be stopped? It doesn’t really make sense” she said.