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Thread: Borgonovo: "My friend Mario Balotelli is a young boy that needs protecting"

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    Default Borgonovo: "My friend Mario Balotelli is a young boy that needs protecting"

    The former Milan striker, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, had a visit from the Manchester City star, and appreciated the kindness Mario showed, hence his decision to talk about it.

    It was a surprise and very private visit. And that is how it would have stayed had Borgonovo not decided to talk about it to our newspaper, charmed by the great compassion that Mario, who he met some time ago at Gazzetta, had showed. .Ciao Mario, ciao Antony, Balotelli's long-time friend. That's the way he introduced himself, Manchester City's top striker, without me knowing anything about it. But then again, he's not the predictable type and we are similar in that respect. How's the knee? Are you back training yet?

    He seemed almost shy in answering me. Then when I thought about it, he's just twenty years old and really sensitive to the feelings of others. He needed a few minutes to take in the sight of me immobile on a bed with a respiratory machine. I'd like to tell you readers, that I really enjoyed his visit. He showed that the "kid" has a lot of respect and compassion. It was up to me to put him at his ease, and that's what I did. In the end, Mario stayed for about three hours: we talked about simple things, because he's just an ordinary guy. He also hinted that all the stunts he pulls are just self-protection, given that he is only twenty after all.

    I had bet a friend of mine that Prandelli wouldn't have put him in the national squad for the way he behaves. In hindsight now, I think Cesare was right and I am happy that such a talented player is part of the Italy squad. Balotelli loves the new manager, with him leading the squad he feels at ease and protected. So if we want Balotelli's talent to work for us, we need to protect him and make him feel safe. When I did it, I saw an ordinary guy with huge amounts of energy, just like any normal twenty-year-old in this world.

    I had to admit that I got a lot from Mario in those three hours in my house, and for once it's me that has to say thank you. He is very close to his family and has bags of personality: he told me that by the time he is 24 he'll succeed in winning the Ballon d'Or... Well, better to think like that than sit feeling sorry for yourself. Mario, I wish you every success in life and thank you for keeping your promise and coming to see me. All the best.

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    I remember this guy so much. I didn't know he was sick. Good gesture by loco Mario.

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