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    Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world, there is a duck watching you
    (Probably invented by the shrink who had the duck patient ...)

    Penguin Prostitutes
    Female Penguins have been observed trading *** for stones! These stones are valuable to females because they are necessary for building nests. Male penguins are known for being monogamous, so it is these females that venture off to get some rocks by making some beds rock!
    (...... so... female penguins are lesbians?)

    You cant hum while holding your nose closed
    (... you couldnt hum ehh...lololol)

    Belize's flag is the only national banner that depicts human beings.
    (.... really...)

    The average age of Russian billionaires is 46.
    (A change of nationality is in order...lololol )

    Th owner of the Segway company died as a result of riding a segway.
    British multi-millionaire Jimi Heselden apparently lost control of an outdoorsy version of the expensive scooter and fell off a cliff. He was found dead 80feet below in a river. Heselden, 62 had only purchased the Segway company nine months prior to the tragic incident.
    (Talk about a bad purchase)

    "Happy Birthday to you" brings in roughly $2million in royalties every year. Much of that has gone to charities.


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    lol, funny stuff. Didn't know Penguins were into ashawo stuff. haha

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    lesbo penguins..lol
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