The gates of your conscience are the boundaries of what you’ve considered to be reality, deduced from your experience of Aristotle’s five senses, while awake and coherent. These boundaries you construct are the parameter of thought capable of your mind.

With no parameter the mind is free to wander in any direction and in any pattern, but certain parameters are needed set when dealing with any problem. Knowledge of the problem gives an understanding of what parameters need to be set, thus allowing us to come to terms with the problem in the correct pattern and direction resulting in a solution to the problem. Problems trouble your conscience and a troubled conscience causes a disturbed pattern and an unknown direction of the mind, resulting in erratic behaviour with no sense of outcome; not a solution to a problem by any means.

Therefore when thinking of an idea or an inspiration set no parameters and your mind will take new directions exceeding your previous mental boundaries, bringing home fresh patterns from beyond your previous gates of conscience, setting new boundaries from which you will be able to deal with much greater problems.

Ultimately giving you a stable mind from which you control the gates and bring a free conscience with a clear destination. That destination is contentment and your free conscience brings happiness, an excellent frame of mind to view life from.